Release the Karmic Ties that Bind You and
Experience Deep Transformation
Through the Voice of God and the Ascended Masters

This was presented on February 21, 2015 and will be repeated again soon.

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Center of the Heart
487 North Turnpike Road
Santa Barbara

Peter’s earlier Quan Yin workshops sold out. Reserve your place today.

$30 in advance   $40 at the door
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Peter Wright, a nationally known Board Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist and expert in releasing karma, and Barbara Rohde, a healer and channel for the Voice of God and the Ascended Masters, are returning to the Center of the Heart to lead an amazing new workshop.

Peter will begin by taking you on a journey into the higher realms of energy. You will be assisted by Ascended Master Quan Yin from the Karmic Council as well as the Galactic Federation, a group of cosmic beings who oversee the evolution of life throughout the galaxy. They will send a powerful wave of energy through the group that magnetizes and breaks up karmic residue throughout your body and auric field so it can fall away.

Next Barbara will channel the Voice of God which will bring you into direct connection with God’s Living Presence. When this energy enters your field, it can correct your outmoded thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs and realign you with your Divine Identity.

This is a rare opportunity to work with the I Am Presence, Quan Yin and the Ascended Masters and so many others from the Higher Realms eager to help you achieve your soul’s deepest desires.

Words of Appreciation from Others

"It was so fabulous. I really hope you'll do it again."

"A huge load has been lifted from my shoulders. The experience left me with an exquisite awareness of a beautiful life ahead of me. I can be and do what I want. I can be that person I always dreamed of becoming."

"During the visualization, I experienced great waves of forgiveness / releasing / a fresh sense of OK-ness and pervasive love.... Please let me know when you will be doing this again. This workshop is valuable inner work -- time well spent."

Peter Wright

Peter Wright, CPLT, CHT, LBLT

  • 24 years serving Santa Barbara and the nation as a Certified Hypnotherapist
  • One of only 46 Board Certified Past-Life Regression Therapists in the nation
  • Skilled in helping you connect with your Higher Self/Inner Wisdom

For more information about Peter Wright, please go here.

Barbara Rohde

Barbara Rohde, LCSW, CHT, MBA

  • Serves as channel for the Voice of God Energies
  • Trained intensively with the Ascended Masters for the past nine years
  • A Medical Intuitive and a licensed Psychotherapist certified in Hypnosis
  • Studied Energy Healing with Barbara Brennan and other leading healers

For more information about Barbara Rohde, please go to