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During the Coronavirus Pandemic, I am offering these Free Consultations to prospective clients as well as my Hypnotherapy sessions to clients via phone, Zoom and Skype.


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I'd like to offer you a valuable 30-minute free session by phone or by Zoom or Skype or in person where we can talk about next steps to help you get what you really want in your life — now! Everyone who has taken advantage of this offer has found it to be very worthwhile.

Let me know of your interest in a no-cost conversation by filling out my contact form below. Be sure to include any questions or comments. Or give me a call at (805) 770-5200. It's so easy to discover whether Hypnotherapy is right for you.

Find out more about how I work with clients in my Hypnotherapy Practice in a recent interview on All Business Media FM.

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Here's Information on My Hypnotherapy Sessions

My Hypnotherapy sessions are two hours long. The Life Between Lives session lasts three and a half to four hours.

We accomplish a great deal in our time together. I record each session and send you the MP3 immediately afterwards so you can download it and listen to it if you choose. Listening to the recording in the days that follow will help you release even more from the session. I'll also include my 12-minute Higher Self Shortcut Guided Visualization to help you reconnect perhaps daily or whenever you choose with your Inner Wisdom Team who worked with us during the session. In addition, my session fee includes a 60-minute Follow-up Session by phone or in person or by Skype or Zoom which takes place at a convenient time for you about a week later.

During the Follow-up Session, I'll help you process and integrate what occurred during our earlier session. For example, we'll discuss what has shifted or changed for you — and what hasn't. We'll talk about the specifics of the session as I go step by step through my notes — answering any questions that you might have. Next we'll review how things are going in connecting daily with your Higher Self and the other members of your Inner Wisdom Team. We'll then determine any next steps to help you achieve the goals we set at the start of our initial session.   

Typically, I see a client once or twice and then periodically after that as the need arises.

If You Wish to Schedule an Appointment

I set aside time to work with clients every day of the week (including weekends) from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. in my office in Santa Barbara. I seek to schedule your appointment to meet your needs.  

I also arrange two-hour Hypnotherapy sessions and the one-hour Follow-up Sessions via the telephone or Zoom or Skype for clients who cannot come to Santa Barbara to meet with me in person.

We can work together no matter where you live in the world.

In-person sessions are offered at 2335 Sonora Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (map). If you are coming from out of town, you can fly into Santa Barbara Airport (20 minutes away), or Los Angeles or Burbank Airports (90 minutes away). I can recommend lodging for you.

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