Access the Wisdom
Your Inner Wisdom Team
by Using the
Higher Self Shortcut

The Higher Self Shortcut Guided Visualization takes you on a relaxed and safe journey into Hypnosis and then up into the Light into your Sanctuary or Special Place in the 5th Dimension. In this higher vibration you have access to all the answers that you seek for your Highest Good.

Using this MP3 as training wheels, you can easily return to your Sanctuary and reconnect with your Heart, your Higher Self and all the other Guidance that is part of your own Inner Wisdom Team.

Your Inner Wisdom Team knows everything about you from this life and past lives. And they are eager to answer your questions about next steps in your life.

By visiting your Sanctuary regularly, you can build an even stronger relationship with your personal Inner Wisdom Team and get ongoing guidance that you can trust for your Highest Good.

Use the Higher Self Shortcut to reconnect with your Inner Wisdom Team and get Guidance to help you improve your life.

For ONLY $28, you can get the Higher Self Shortcut Guided Visualization plus three valuable special bonuses:

  • The 12-minute Higher Self Shortcut Guided Visualization MP3
  • Download and play this Guided Visualization on your computer, iPad, cell phone or other devices.
  • Listen in the privacy of your own home.
  • Extra Bonus #1 — How to Get the Most Benefit from the Higher Self Shortcut Guided Visualization.
  • Extra Bonus #2 — Questions to Ask to Strengthen Your Connection with Your Inner Wisdom Team.
  • Extra Bonus #3 — Am I Just Making This Up? focuses on the key role of your Imagination when you are working with your Inner Wisdom Team.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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