Take a look at my recent interview with Josh Lane, the Host of Here’s to Your Health, the weekly wellness show on LA Talk Live. You’ll find a good description of my approach to Regression Therapy.

Regression Therapy

Over the past 25 years I’ve found that Regression Therapy can quickly help you resolve issues in your present life.

You can choose between two kinds of Regression Therapy: Present Life and Past-Life. Both types can help you rapidly:

  • Dissolve pain, tension and chronic holding patterns
  • Release troubling emotional blocks that are often at the very core of the issues that bother you
  • Transform your limiting beliefs
  • Reach your full potential.
Present Life Regression Therapy

By taking you into a very relaxed and safe hypnotic trance, I work in partnership with your Higher Self/Wisdom Self to take you back in time to discover the source of the issue in your current life. Next we help you release your attachment to that experience or event in a secure and efficient manner at the subconscious level and then empower you to take charge and move on with your life.

Past-Life Regression Therapy

While more than two-thirds of people on earth believe in past lives, you don’t have to accept that past lives exist. Perhaps they are just stories that can help you heal.

During a Past-Life Regression Session, we can often quickly get to the cause of your current problems in a “past-life story.” Then by releasing the deeply held emotions and the unfinished thoughts and feelings associated with that story, you can at last come to closure — often learning the lesson and empowering yourself to heal.

Plus you can frequently discover which key people from that past life are playing important (and often similar) roles in your life today.

I am one of only 40 Board certified Past-Life Regression Therapists in the nation and have been in practice for 25 years.

Many of my clients have already tried other therapies, which either did not work or did not offer a lasting remedy for their suffering.

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