Issues Involving Relationships, Forgiveness &
Letting Go of Grief

Hypnosis and the trance state can open the door to help you:

  • Resolve relationship issues
  • Forgive others
  • Forgive yourself
  • Let go of grief.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve found that everyone is available to us while in hypnosis — whether they’re currently in physical body or have passed on. During our session, I make it possible for you to interact with them while in trance to help you bring closure regarding issues involving relationships, forgiveness and letting go of grief.

One of my favorite podcasts is with Lisa Jones, the Millionaire Medium. Here you’ll hear how I’ve helped clients quickly resolve relationship issues by connecting them with loved ones who have passed on so they can let go of the grief and, if need be, forgive themselves and others.

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Resolve Your Relationship Issues

Are you frustrated or angry with key relationships in your life? Are these feelings keeping you stuck in useless and self-defeating patterns? Working with me in trance can give you the understanding and the chance you need to resolve or change these dysfunctional relationships and move on with your life.


Forgiving others and yourself is a healing process that can be difficult to do on your own. Too many times we try to forgive by forgetting what happened, or pretending it didn’t happen. Once you permanently resolve these old feelings, you can create a healthier, more satisfying and fulfilling life for yourself.

Forgiving Others

My approach using hypnosis helps you rapidly release your feelings of anger and resentment towards people, situations and events that occurred in the past. These old emotions are draining your energy — energy that you could use to create a life that’s more fulfilling and satisfying for you.

Plus old anger and resentment often keep you stuck in useless and self-defeating patterns that can lead to unhappiness, illness and addiction. If you don’t permanently resolve these old feelings now, the emotions can pull those negative patterns right back into your life, even if you think you’ve already released them.

Isn’t it time to let go of your feelings of anger and resentment regarding what happened to you in the past?

Forgiving Yourself

The trance state can help you get rid of any guilt feelings as well. All of the benefits you get from forgiving others are multiplied many fold when you can honestly and completely forgive yourself.

Let’s quickly and completely come to closure with those you want or need to forgive — including yourself — so you can move on — free of the guilt that has held you back.

Letting Go of Grief

My approach is also extremely effective in dealing with loss, abandonment and betrayal. 

Perhaps you:

  • Lost someone dear to you through death or inevitable separation,
  • Feel abandoned or betrayed by the one you loved, or
  • Feel guilt ridden due to a your own reckless actions or you took their love for granted.

Allow me take you through a powerful hypnotic process that can help you reconnect with the person you lost or who passed on, heal your broken heart and at last feel at peace, calm and confident each time you think of that person.