Release Negative Voices or Spirits

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Sometimes the physical or emotional issues that we seek to resolve or heal do not come from our own current life or past lives. Rather, they can come from a totally different entity — the attached spirit of someone who has already died.

For a variety of reasons, when some individuals die, they do not go directly into the Light. Instead, they become earthbound spirits that can attach themselves to your aura or your physical, emotional or mental subtle bodies. They do not require our permission to do so.

A spirit attachment may be random or even accidental. It can be:

  • benevolent in nature
  • self-serving to fulfill a personal need of the attaching entity
  • malevolent in intention or
  • completely neutral.

Symptoms of spirit attachment can include:

  • An inner voice that constantly criticizes you
  • A variety of changing physical maladies with no obvious cause
  • Irrational fear, anger, sadness or guilt or
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Frequently the earthbound spirit or negative entity brings along its own physical and emotional maladies at the time of its death. These fears, phobias, aches, addictions, negative thoughts, desires and behaviors are then experienced as your own pains, thoughts, desires and behaviors.

Our language reflects an inner knowledge of this condition: "What got into you?", "I'm not myself today", "I don't know what possessed me to do that."

I find in my practice that spirit attachments can be the source of any number of physical, mental and emotional disorders faced by my clients including phobias, addictions, anxiety, compulsions, depression, relationship difficulties, feelings of anger and abandonment, unexplainable pains and aches, and many other symptoms.

Often you are not aware of the attachment until the entity has been released.

Treatment of Spirit Attachments

The condition of spirit attachment can often be cleared immediately during a one-on-one session in my office. And I can also help you take immediate steps to protect you and prevent future spirit attachments.

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