Two Items to Bring to a Life Between Lives Session

  1. Prepare a typed up Cast of Characters List that includes:
  • 6 to 10 names of people who are significant in your life.
  • Could be alive or dead.
  • Could be positive or negative influences.
  • After each first name — indicate the relationship and then list three or four adjectives that describe their temperament. You might say that this Cast of Characters has been given stage roles in the great play of your life, and often they are the supporting players for your starring role.
  1. Put together a set of questions that you would like answered during your meeting with your Council of Elders. I will augment these with many other questions that will help make the session even more valuable to you.

Please Note: If you are interested in scheduling a Life Between Lives session, I strongly encourage you to experience a two-hour hypnotherapy session with me first. It helps to establish rapport between us to ensure a successful Life Between Lives session and it gives you a feeling of confidence and facility in working in the trance state. 

Plus, the hypnotherapy session can help you quickly resolve troublesome issues in your life so you can step back into your power and move forward for your Highest Good.  

Any questions? Please call me at (805) 770-5200 and schedule a free 30-minute Consultation in person, by phone or by Skype — or use my contact form.