Frequently Asked Questions

Do Past Lives Actually Exist?

At the end of a session, my client sometimes asks me if that story that emerged during the session actually happened to the client in a past life. Here's how I respond:

  1. Perhaps these are real past-life memories of lives you've lived.
  2. Or maybe they are waking dreams (fabricated by your Subconscious Mind) that need to be expressed to help you heal the issues you're facing.
  3. Or maybe you connected with someone else's story from the Collective Unconscious that Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, talked about — a story that mirrors where you are currently stuck in your present life. And you told that person's story to get unstuck.
  4. Or maybe you made up the whole thing.

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In the final analysis, it doesn't really matter whether past lives are real or not. What's important is that Regression Therapy can be extremely effective — whatever your belief system.

How Effective is Past-Life Therapy?

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Dr. Brian Weiss, the well-known psychiatrist whose book, Many Lives, Many Masters, is one of the most instructive accounts of Past-Life Therapy, writes, "Past-Life Therapy is a well established psycho-therapeutic technique that works."

"My findings indicate," he adds, "that the therapeutic arena needs to be enlarged, that we cannot stop the psychic archeology at childhood or even infancy, but that past-life patterns and memories also must be excavated for complete healing to occur."

In Holland, a study took two groups of clients with similar symptoms and randomly selected half of the group for past-life therapy and the others for conventional therapy. Measured by standard tests, those undergoing past-life therapy recovered at about twice the speed as the group involved in conventional therapy.

Surveys of Past-Life Regression clients tell us that in addition to quickly resolving major issues in your life, a Past-Life Regression will most likely help you:

  • release any fears of death,
  • feel more connected to those around you,
  • have a greater sense of purpose and
  • experience greater peace and contentment in your life.

I offer short-term therapy. By working in a trance state, we can often get to your core issues and begin to find a solution in just one two-hour session. Many problems can be completely resolved in one or two sessions. 

My goal is to help you — as quickly as possible — let go of the blockages that are keeping you from getting what you want.

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