What My Clients Say

94 Client Reviews — 95% are from just one Hypnotherapy session

5 Years of Talk Therapy Versus 2 Hours of Hypnotherapy

I came to Peter looking for help with severe anxiety. After over five years in traditional Talk Therapy which gave me only slight relief, I had come to believe that the source of my anxiety was much deeper within me. Not only was the anxiety getting in the way of my everyday life, but it was also causing unbearably painful headaches at least five days a week.

I was a bit nervous for the session, but Peter made me feel at ease and safe. He answered all of my questions and did a fantastic job of leading me through a Hypnotherapy session in which I was able to access an incredible amount of wisdom and guidance.

In the days that followed my session, I noticed shifts in my attitude and my mood. Overall, I was feeling much calmer and less overwhelmed with anxiety. In addition, I was absolutely amazed to find that over the next week, I had no headaches.

I am still so incredibly impressed at how much Peter and Hypnotherapy have changed my life for the better in only a single two-hour session. I still have not experienced a single headache since my session, and the lack of physical symptoms has allowed me to make incredible progress in my ability to manage anxiety in a positive way.

I highly recommend Peter's practice to anyone who has a desire to heal and move forward.

Kayla from Ventura, CA


What a Profound and Beautiful Experience!

I believe I made more progress in one Hypnotherapy session with Peter than I could have made in months and months of Talk Therapy.

I scheduled a session with Peter because I wanted to work on persistent digestive problems and a severe rash on one foot that was spreading. Also I was seeking to resolve some longstanding emotional issues with my Mom.

During my hour long free Consultation with Peter on Zoom, I felt at ease and in safe hands.

Because I live in Ireland, we met on Zoom for our two-hour Hypnotherapy session. It was a powerful and thorough healing session.

After connecting me to my Heart and Higher Self, Peter identified and removed five negative energies that were in my energy field: four in my stomach and one in my foot. All five were creating havoc with my digestion and my left foot.

To resolve the issues with my Mom, Peter and my Higher Self guided me into the past life that was the source of the difficulties with my Mom.

I saw myself as a hardworking servant in the 1800s whose baby daughter was suddenly kidnapped at a local fair. I blamed myself for her disappearance and died wracked with guilt because I never saw my child again.

We then discovered that my Mom in this life was that little girl. Her treatment of me in our current life was due to the anger she unconsciously felt from being kidnapped in that past life.

Peter helped resolve the issue by inviting all four of us to forgive one anotherwhich we did with a great deal of heart-felt emotion.

In the days that followed, I felt substantially different: lighter, happier, clearer focusand no stomach pains. The rash on my foot is now almost fully healed ... something that had resisted several creams before my session with Peter.

And I recently visited my Mom and was delighted to discover that the emotional charge between us has shifted. My guilt is goneI no longer feel responsible for her feelings. My sense of peace and calm are beyond words.

During the one-hour Follow-up Session on Zoom about a week later, Peter shared his notes that underscored the wisdom coming from my Higher Self, my Heart and all the other Guidance that joined us from the Spirit Realm during that session.

This was valuable because it helped me process and integrate all that had occurred so that I felt complete. Peter also emailed me several helpful printed resources that further cemented the changes.

Peter was born to do this work. He is an amazing soul.

Agnes in Cork, Ireland


Coming to a Place of Forgiveness

After three years of carrying feelings of anger, disappointment and frustration towards my husband after his deathPeter helped me to finally come to a place of forgiveness in just one two-hour phone session. 

I had tried to remember with love and compassion the man that I had been married to for over 60 years. Admittedly, he was charismatic, funny and articulate, but unfortunately he was loaded with baggage that made him very difficult to live with. This was destroying me, because I knew I had to forgive him, yet I was getting nowhere.

I realized that we had many times of happiness and joy together but I was so bogged down remembering the unpleasant parts that I couldn’t even cry or grieve his death. But Peter, bless him, used his skills as a hypnotherapist and strongly supported me during our session.

He helped me remember all of the wonderful things about our marriage that I couldn’t dredge up myself. As a result I was able to let goto cry for the first time since his passing and finally put to rest the hurtful things. Afterwards it was so easy for me to forgive my husband and keep in mind the joyous times that we had had together.

I now think of my husband with love and remember the kind and wonderful man that he was most of the time as well as forgive him the times when he was not. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of my soul. Thank you, Peter.

Barbara from Goleta, CA


Just One Session with Peter Healed My Broken Heart and Shattered Soul

For three years after the sudden and unexpected death of my beautiful husband David, my wonderful parents and favorite aunt all within eight months of each other, I changed dramatically.

I was dealing with emotions that were so foreign to me such as intense anger, rage, profound sadness and immobilizing grief and loss that I thought I had become a completely different person. I did not like that version of myself.

I am a Psychologist who has practiced for 25 years and I knew I had to seek treatment so I sought out a fellow psychologist almost immediately and have had ongoing treatment for the past three years. But I instinctively realized that something was missing and traditional therapy, while it has its place, was not working the way I wanted it to.

My broken heart and shattered soul were not healing and I wondered if I would be broken forever. I did not think I could ever be healed.

I discovered Peter speaking on the "Seek Reality" Podcast with Roberta Grimes and what he said really resonated with me. He made sense and my Higher Self told me I had to meet with him. Peter was warm and caring during my free Consultation via Skype and I knew that I had to follow that path.

I know I am now a better version of who I was before and at last I’ve found with Peter’s expertise the peace and calm I needed to move forward with my life.  I will return to work next month with some added tools in my therapy box.

The experience I had during my Hypnotherapy and Follow-up Session with Peter via Skype was truly profound and life changing.

Thank you to all my angels and guides for directing me down that path and thank you to Peter who truly has a gift to heal that comes from the Highest Source.

Lynne BJ from Geelong, Australia


Releasing Anxiety, Depression and My Eating Disorder in One Session

I’ve been in therapy for 30 years seeking to resolve my anxiety, depression and my eating disorder. I’d done my share of books and workbooks and groups. I knew that my anxiety, which had worsened in the last year, needed more than just talking about it.

During my free Consultation to talk about these issues with Peter, his voice calmed me and I knew right away I wanted to work with him.

When we got together by phone for our session, I was worried that hypnosis wouldn’t work on me, but I followed his voice and just relaxed easily into trance.

Peter helped me quickly connect to the causes of my anxiety, depression and eating disorder and we came to closure with them. He also cleared out negative energy that was present and we met my Spirit Guide, who I had been yearning to meet for years.

Within the next week I kept waiting for my anxiety and depression to return but they didn’t. Like a snap, the constant worrying was over. I no longer hated my body and happily accepted food. I felt so free.

A week later at our Follow-up Session by phone, Peter helped me to process and integrate all that had occurred. Talking about my session with him was very insightful.

It’s now four months later and I am still worry-free. Those thoughts that used to take over my brain now come and go like any other passing thought. I can focus on the present and not the “what-ifs.”

I recommend Peter to help you release any thoughts, feelings and issues that keep you stuck. It may sound unbelievable but my one Hypnotherapy session with him is the best decision I’ve made for my own self-help.

Cheryl from Brentwood, CA


I’ve Reinstated My Power

Peter is a gentle, dedicated and knowledgeable Hypnotherapist who facilitated and accompanied me on an amazing journey into the 5th Dimension and beyond. Together we powerfully cleared away so many blockages that were preventing me from moving forward in my life.

As a result of just one Hypnotherapy session by phone, I have stepped back into my powerno longer encumbered. I can at last confidently and productively work with my team of Ascended Masters and Guides to fulfill my Soul’s Mission.

I discovered that I have way more power, capabilities and skills than I had been aware of. I’ve started expressing my feelings/needs/wants/requests in more balanced and mature ways. Life is much easier and present and I know what direction my path is going. It’s the one under my feet and I can count on that path now.

With my Wisdom Team’s help, I find myself easily resolving difficult personal issues that I had earlier wanted to avoid.

Every day is a new adventure... the lessons... the learnings... the insights... the recalibrations... the communications.

By reinstating my True Self to lead my life, I am taking steps to pursue my purpose consciously, intentionally and powerfully as a Light Worker. I know that I’m being supported on my Soul’s Mission by all the Guidance that I am now available to and is now available to me. Thank you, Peter.

M.R. from Santa Barbara


Releasing Feelings of Loss, Guilt and Depression During a Past-Life Session

My Past-life Regression Session with Peter was such a unique and fulfilling experience. 

I’ve always been interested in Past Lives, but that curiosity recently turned into an absolute necessity. I was painfully and fearfully stuck anticipating an unforeseen loss.

The catalyst was a very special person who has repeatedly come into our lives. He is an unexpected kindred spirit who has affected my son and me to our core, and has moved us (without intention) to grow in some amazing and welcomed ways. But as our relationship evolved, I found that I had an irrational and paralyzing fear and anxiety around losing this person.

One morning, I had a very short flash of this person and me in a past life, getting ready to run into battle in Scotland. After this vision, there was a direct knowing that something “went wrong” on the battlefield. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before.

This was different than a vision of symbolism. This was a memory. I literally fell to the ground and just sobbed – it was painful beyond words. I was unable to move past this, and knew that I needed to turn to a Past-life Regression Therapist for help.

I came across Peter’s website one evening, and knew that Peter was the person who could help me move through this, to see what happened in that past life, and to heal that fear of loss in my heart that was attached to this person. While Peter has an amazing list of credentials, it was the “feeling” I got that let me know that he was the right person to help me.

I set up a free 30-minute Consultation by phone to discuss Hypnotherapy and his approach to the issues I was seeking to resolve. He was so incredibly kind and warm and calming. I was immediately at ease and excited for our session!

A week later during our Hypnotherapy phone session, Peter led me into a relaxed state of trance. He then guided me into the 5th Dimension, where I met and connected with my Heart, my Higher Self, and one of my Spirit Guides (my Inner Wisdom Team). With their assistance, Peter led me back to that particular past life in Scotland and into that fateful battle.

The memories intuitively flashed like on a movie screen in front of me. I felt like I was physically seeing the vision of the memory, hearing the sounds, feeling the emotions, and even feeling any physical occurrences. Peter asked open ended questions so that I could find out what happened during this battle, that ultimately led to the death of my best friend and me.

I discovered that my best friend and I got separated during the battle. When he was wounded by an enemy warrior, I heard him call out for help. But by then, I’d been stabbed and was quickly dying on the ground. There was nothing I could do to get to him. My dying thought was “I’m sorry I let you down.”

Peter then guided me into the Bardo (the in-between place between lifetimes) and invited my friend to join me in my imagination. It was a very healing moment for me, realizing that my feelings of guilt and failure were all misperceptions causing me to blame myself.

I also got to see and feel that we will continue to choose one another in future lives, just as we have in the past and are reconnecting in this life. I felt a security in that when and if the time comes for our friendship to part or evolve, it will be okay.

I left the session feeling at peacefor the first time in a very long time. I am now much less fearful of death and leaving behind those I love. Peter showed me how to easily reconnect with my Inner Wisdom Team, and now I can get answers from them whenever I choose about next steps in my life.

I listened to the session recording several times, each time having different epiphanies. I’ve continued to heal and evolve spiritually and emotionally.

Thank you again, Peter, for all of your time, kindness, thoughtfulness and for sharing your gift with me to help me release, heal and evolve on this journey. I am incredibly appreciative!

Maggie from Northern California


A Lifesaving Experience!

I have felt a HUGE shift in my whole essence since our Hypnotherapy Session. The work we did together falls into the lifesaving category.

As a result, I have a renewed passion for life and a profound sense of joy and love. There is no way for me to articulate the importance of these changes. I now feel inspired with grace and love. I had forgotten how blessed I am. I had forgotten my normal state of being. Thank you so much for helping me to remember who I truly am.

Other important areas have also shifted in my life. When my husband died, I no longer wanted to cook or work in the kitchen. I ate most of my meals out. But since our session, I LOVE shopping and cooking! This new inspiration and desire to take responsibility for my own life is another big change. Imagine that! Me taking an interest in me. Ha!

Thank you so much, Peter. I have enjoyed working with you. Very much so.

Tonya from Santa Barbara


25 years of Experience as a Hypnotherapist

I first worked with Peter as a client in the early 1990s just after he completed his Hypnotherapy training. So I bring a unique perspective as I’ve watched Peter’s skills grow as a Hypnotherapist over the past 25 years.

Our initial Past-Life Regression work together was quite successful and produced a solid foundation of growth and trust within me..

My last session with Peter had been nine years ago. Recently, we got together again. We easily picked up where we’d left off as Peter used his Hypnotherapy skills to help me strengthen my connection with my Guidance so I could release the blockages that are preventing my soul’s growth at this time.

Towards the end of our work together, my Guides told me that we had released the barriers within me so that my connection with my Higher Self, Heart and other Guidance can continue to grow stronger day by day.

I emerged from Hypnosis with a profound sense of completion, accomplishment and feelings of peace and enlightenment that I have never experienced previously.

Peter’s broad expertise as a Hypnotherapist, and his innate ability to create a feeling of absolute safety and trust came together once again to produce amazing results for me.

Steve from Los Angeles


Meeting My Higher Self, My Heart and “Fog” During a Hypnosis Session by Phone

My inquiry to Peter involved questions such as, “What is my mission on the Planet, am I succeeding on that mission, is there anything else I need to be doing right now?”

During my phone session, I was taken on a wonder-filled journey into the higher realms of light and sound where I discovered luminescent crystal chambers and star filled platforms of pure potential. I learned that my Heart often nudges me in certain directions, that my Higher Self loves me beyond all description and I was introduced to a Being of Light who shared many revelations with me.

When the Being of Light shared his/her name — the word I heard was Fog! I hesitated before acknowledging that name but the energy was high and the name was coming through insistently so I just went with it. Fog it is. For me meeting Fog was the highlight of the session. What could come through from him/her and why the name Fog?

Fog shared many truths about me during this session. He answered specific questions about my primary mission. Heart also mentioned that I have a long history with Fog and Fog has “always been there.” This was a big realization for me.

It turns out that Fog has never incarnated on Earth and has been with me from the initial point of my Soul’s coming into existence thousands of years ago. Apparently there are some “beautiful timelines” open to me as I continue to grow and learn on my mission.

My Heart showed me that I have been helped by many Spiritual Guides in this incarnation and that I have received powerful guidance and clarity about the future. Heart also said that I have increasing confidence in my purpose and I am moving forward with beautiful things to come for myself and others. This felt great.

As my phone session with Peter came to an end my Higher Self spoke, "… we are having so much fun with Don on this journey and are excited to see what happen next.”

I was chatting about the session with my wife a few hours after it concluded and when she heard the name Fog she said, that sounds like it means “Face Of God.” As the energies ran through both our bodies we realized this was accurate!

Don Paterson from Los Angeles


Connecting with My Guidance to Resolve Major Issues in My Life via Skype

I reached out to Peter after hearing his interview on the “Seek Reality” Podcast with Roberta Grimes.

Since childhood I’ve felt that I was walking through this Earth Plane with no direction. I’ve also had a contentious relationship with my mother. After listening to Peter’s interview and researching his website I was drawn to contact him to help me connect with my Higher Self and Spirit Guides and work on my Mother Issues.

Peter opened my mind to the possibilities of Hypnotherapy by offering a free Consultation via Skype and then he sent me his “Hypnotic Induction” that I downloaded and used to help me prepare for our session.

Throughout our work together on Skype, Peter was very attentive and specific in addressing my needs. After guiding me into a relaxed state of trance, he introduced me to my Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Peter then removed several earthbound spirits that had attached to me in infancy and had been causing chaos in my life.

Next he helped me begin to heal my relationship with my mother by guiding me back five generations to resolve the root cause that had been affecting the women in my lineage down to and including my mother’s generation.

My life has changed tremendously from just one Hypnotherapy session with Peter. I now feel a sense of direction on this Earth Plane and know that I can continue to build upon my connection with my Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Healing Team to help me make the best decisions as I go through my life.

In a recent visit with my mother, I am now able to have empathy for her situation and will continue to work on the forgiveness that started to emerge during my session with Peter.

If you want to fully benefit from Peter’s expertise, you need to do your part. I listened to his relaxing Hypnotic Induction several times to prepare for our session. After our session I've been using his “Higher Self Short Cut” recording to help me reconnect and get ongoing support whenever I choose from my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides in the “Safe Place” that I described towards the end of our Session.

I was guided to work with Peter. I highly recommend that if you are drawn to use his services, you will experience a positive change in your life as well.

Frances from Colorado


Depression and Heartbreak Relief

I am so thankful and appreciative of the phone session I had with Peter Wright. His skill with Hypnotherapy as well as his compassion poured through the telephone line, as though I were sitting directly in front of him.

I had been deeply suffering with depression for several weeks, and then a sudden breakup sent me reeling. Through a beautiful alignment of events I was given the opportunity to have a session with Peter, which changed my life.

He was able to take me quickly to the core issues of both my depression and the breakup. By being able to talk with my Higher Self, my Guides and my former boyfriend  (at a soul level), I gained a much better understanding of why I was feeling the way I was. I was able to release a lot of old pent up emotions within my body, which felt like a rock being removed from my shoulders. The very next day I suddenly found myself in a state of euphoria.

It took about three more weeks for everything to settle in, but one day I walked outside and all of the depression lifted, as though it just evaporated.

I’m so grateful to Peter for his gifts and talents. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain — of any type — within your body, mind or soul.

LJK from Maui


A Remarkable Inward Journey

Through Peter’s excellent guidance I was able to go deep into my past lives to learn about inner strength that I have always possessed. I accessed through my Higher Self levels of spiritual strength that have had a profound impact on me.

I discovered some of my past lives that helped me reconcile existing relationships and found closure with open issues related to my parents. And I gained insight as to whether and how to proceed regarding a major project that I am about to undertake.

The phone session with Peter was remarkable and transformative — dramatically increasing my own sense of spirituality. I am forever grateful to Peter.

Cliff Gamble from Granite Bay, CA


I Felt Blocked by Emotional Issues Caused by Men in My Life

I reached out to Peter when I noticed that my emotional issues with men were preventing me from moving on with my life. I kept waking up with anxiety related to dreams about men I knew. My past relationships with men left me feeling sad — filling me with negative thoughts throughout the day. I worried about everything. I would cry during songs and movies as I thought about particular men who had been in my life. I was so tired of feeling this way.

After just one Hypnotherapy session with Peter, I noticed a big difference. I feel happier, I feel loved, I feel relaxed and I have positive thoughts during the day. I don’t think about my past. I sleep better. I stopped listening to sad romantic music. I stopped watching sad romantic films and everything related to dysfunctional romance.

I’m now more connected with myself and in control of my life. I know my present and future look brighter than my past. Thank you so much, Peter.

Vanessa from Burbank, CA


Releasing Pain and Grief — and an Earthbound Spirit

I have been on a long journey of trauma and grief as my son has had two life-changing catastrophic health crises over the last 20 years.

Seeking answers, I was prompted to read all I could on past lives and life between lives. This ultimately led me to Peter. I was overjoyed to learn that here in Santa Barbara, there was a highly qualified hypnotherapist experienced in exploring these realms. I wanted to begin the process of connecting to my Higher Self and Spirit Guides in the hopes of easing my emotional pain and sorrow.

My son’s second health crises left him severely disabled at the age of 25. I felt that I was in a deep and constant state of grief over his life situation, and could only dwell on all he and we (my husband and I) had lost. I felt stuck, and I couldn’t seem to move past this stage of grief to begin the healing process. Overwhelming sadness, hopelessness and bouts of crying came in constant waves for me.

Through my hypnotherapy journey with Peter, I was able to discover that an Earthbound Spirit had joined with me — one who had died and did not go completely into the light. She had suffered intense grief through a horrible trauma, and was using my energy and vulnerability, which triggered and magnified my emotional state. During our session, Peter released this lost soul into the Light, and her grief and negative emotions within me were removed from me as well.

Afterwards, I experienced a feeling of lightness and immense easing of my grief, guilt and pain. I still experience sadness about my son at times, but I am no longer feeling that I am drowning in crippling pain as I had previously. In addition, I learned so much from Peter in our Follow-up Session about the constant support of my Guides, and how to reconnect with my Higher Self and all supportive beings to continue to grow and heal in this lifetime.

Kim from Santa Barbara


Coming to Closure with My Anxiety, Anger and Impatience

I sought Peter’s assistance’s five years ago and was extremely pleased with the results. So I contacted him recently when I was visiting Santa Barbara and scheduled another Hypnotherapy session.

This time I wanted Peter’s help in overcoming my anxiety/paranoia, impatience and buried anger that I’ve been carrying towards the father of my daughter. He and I met and fell in love on the beach when I was 14. We thought we were soulmates.

Two years ago we reconnected and I moved to Texas to be with him. In doing so, past resentment resurfaced and — before we had a chance to resolve these issues — a baby girl came into the picture. We now have a lovely daughter but my feelings from the past still haunt me and are pressing the relationship. I’ve been struggling with my anger, anxiety and impatience as I have tried to determine next steps.

In the past I had turned to talk therapy but it only scratched the surface and it only seemed to feel good in the moment. I wanted to settle my baggage once and for all — which is why I turned to Peter (given my earlier session had immediate and lasting results).

My recent Hypnotherapy session with Peter was absolutely amazing. He introduced me to my Inner Wisdom Team (my Higher Self, my Heart, my Grandfather who had passed on and other Guides). And together with Peter’s skillful facilitation, we released so much negativity that I had been carrying towards this relationship. As a result, I feel whole, no longer broken, clear headed, calm, peaceful and relaxed. This experience helped me to let go of the past so I can finally live in the present with my partner.

With the ongoing help of my Inner Wisdom Team, I now feel confident that I can speak my truth as I take the next steps to redefine the relationship with my daughter’s father for the Highest Good of all concerned.

Katie from Texas


At Last — A Strong Connection with My Guidance

Prior to seeing Peter I had received some bits of key information from my Guides about my Life Purpose, but I was skeptical and confused because it made little sense. Using Hypnosis, Peter helped me make a strong and clear connection with this Guidance so I can at last work directly with them.

As a result, I am now so much more confident as to the next steps in my life and I finally have the courage and energy to move forward. During my two Hypnotherapy sessions, I experienced so much love and ongoing support from my Guides that I did not want the sessions to end. I now feel unstoppable.

I really appreciated Peter's skills in helping me connect and communicate with my Guidance, as well as his calm, uplifting and nonjudgmental manner.

Peggy from Carpinteria, CA


One Hypnotherapy Session Brought More Results than Years of Talk Therapy

I sought Peter’s assistance to help me connect with my Higher Self, release my anxiety/depression and let go of my self-critical thoughts.

During our session, he guided me into a relaxed state of trance and introduced me to one of my Guides who then worked with my Higher Self and Heart to reduce what was causing my anxiety, sadness, anger and depression. Peter then brought forth my Self Confidence which agreed to work with my Higher Self and Heart to help me move forward to reach my goals.

This two-hour Hypnotherapy session has given me more closure and resolution with key issues in my life than I achieved in all my years of Talk Therapy.

Anonymous from Montecito, CA


An Epic and Amazing Phone Session

I had been making significant progress in my Spiritual Journey, but I turned to Peter because I felt a darkness deep inside that wanted to come out. Plus I was eager to connect with my Inner Wisdom and Guides as well as to let go of my fear and anxiety. Also I wanted to figure out why I couldn’t remember faces and names and determine why I drank too much alcohol when meeting others.

We had an epic and amazing phone session — exactly what I was looking for. That darkness in me is gone. And in the days that followed, I’ve experienced an increasing joy and ease in my life. For the first time — and this was a miracle — I started remembering the names and faces of people I’d met. And my appetite for drinking booze vanished. Quite surprising as well.

And thanks to this session, I’m really enjoying connecting again and again with my Higher Self and Heart. I know that they are with me now to guide me forward.

Joe from Syracuse, NY


Strengthening My Self-Confidence as a Writer

I come from a long line of artists in my family. But I wanted to improve my skills as a writer so that I could begin to weave images and words as a symbol rather than two separate disciplines. Yet something was blocking me — and to begin to solve it, I needed support.

So I sought out Peter in hopes that his Hypnotherapy skills could help me discover the obstacle and inspire different ways to increase my self-confidence in my writing abilities. 

The session was extremely helpful and revealing. Peter invited all the artists among my forebears to join us in my imagination. We learned that I felt a kind of loneliness when I tried to identify as a writer, as no one in my family read or wrote — they were too busy trying to survive in their home country.

When I told them that I wanted to use my creativity as an artist to reimagine my culture’s myths and stories through my drawings and words, my forebears — especially my grandfather and mother — became very supportive. They told me, “Just do it. Don’t hold back. Let your images and words come together to share the myths and stories in a different way using your imagination.” I felt energized!

At the end of the session, my Higher Self and Heart recommended that I spend a few minutes every day looking at images and writing about them. And I call on the presence of my grandfather to support me as I write. The words are starting to flow as I become the translator of the image through words, and vice-versa.

Rosa from Minneapolis


Resolving Key Emotional Issues with the Help of My Higher Self

I came to Peter for help in healing my feelings of self-sabotage, rejection, separation anxiety, victimization and other issues that have affected me and women in my lineage. Plus I wanted to establish a deeper connection to my Higher Self and my Inner Wisdom Team.

Right up front we connected with my Higher Self who led us into two core past lives. The first occurred when I died in my mother’s womb in a past life. The other happened several hundred years ago as a Native American. 

Coming to closure with these two lifetimes helped me to not only resolve my current feelings of rejection as a female but also release generational issues that have affected my lineage and my family today.

As a result, my feelings of self-sabotage, rejection, separation anxiety and victimization have lessenedsince at last I know and understand their root causes.

Thanks to Peter skills as a hypnotherapist, I can now stand in my own truth and begin to move forward again.  Plus I have met my own Inner Wisdom Team that is always there to support me and help me make choices in the future.

Lisa from the California Central Coast


Released So Much Negativity in Just One Session

I went to Peter because I was consumed with negative thoughts about my husbandthe way he treats me and betrays me. Since my session with Peter I am feeling different. I’m not angry at him any more. I am at peace with myself. I realize that we’re separate people. His issues are no longer mine.

I am grateful that I was led to Peter by Spirit. In just one two-hour Hypnotherapy session my problem was resolved.  I am moving forward every day learning how to be true to myself.  Reminding myself that this is my journey/my experience.

I am also thankful that I didn’t have to spend many hours (time and money) on psychotherapy. Peter is my go-to person whenever I get emotionally stuck.

Grateful client from Goleta, CA


Now I am Grounded, Whole and More Connected to my Spirit and Higher Self 

I have been going through a challenging time as my Dad's health has quickly declined, a big move back to California and starting a new job. It all happened very fast. I was feeling trapped and experiencing a lot of anxiety and depression. I've done a lot of personal growth which has always served me in the past but all those tools just weren't working. This is when I sought out Peter's guidance.

During the session I felt safe and supported. It was the most relaxed state I have ever experienced. This deep state allowed me to open up and connect to my Higher Guidance and receive some much needed answers. We accomplished so much in the two hoursit was incredible.

It's been a few weeks since the session and I have already started to see results. Before, I was easily upset and it would affect me for days which was also trickling into my relationships and my job. Since the session, I've responded to these same situations calmly and with compassion. I accessed the softer sides of myself that have been dormant for a long time and it feels so good! I am grounded, whole and more connected to my Spirit and Higher Self.

Thank you for providing a safe space and for being a conduit for this beautiful work. I would highly recommend a session with Peter to anyone seeking guidance or healing!

Elisha L. from Santa Barbara


Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

I had the serendipitous good fortune to hear about Peter's Hypnotherapy practice.

Having had a number of fairly unsuccessful visits with talk therapists and other hypnotherapists over many years, I found his passion and perspective unique enough to feel that scheduling a session would be worth a try.

It’s now been three weeks since my two-hour session with Peter and I’m happy to report the changes are real and long-lasting. I’ve moved from a space of undefined dissatisfaction, guilt and irritation to one of peace, self-confidence, forgiveness and serenity.

The imagery I discovered as part of my Hypnotherapy session remains with me as a part of my daily meditation practice and continues to help me prepare for my days with a renewed sense of optimism and confidence.

Peter’s wisdom, insights and razor-sharp focus on me and my issues during my session allowed me to bring up and resolve many long-buried issues in an environment that felt completely safe and supportive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Peter or his services to anyone in need of an emotional or spiritual adjustment.

RZ from Santa Barbara


Releasing Trauma Caused When Client Was in the Womb

Peter is gifted in helping you quickly discover the true cause of the problems you are facing and then he assists you in resolving these issues that have been affecting you for far too long.

Under Peter’s skillful guidance, I went back into the womb in order to heal the emotional trauma I experienced between my birth parents and my grandparents in the months before I was born. By doing this we released my fears, sadness and doubts about myself that I’ve been carrying since then. I can now stand tall in my own power and move forward in my life.

V.A. from Santa Barbara


Peter Wright's Higher Self Shortcut

I wanted to tell you that your 10-minute Higher Self Shortcut Guided Visualization that you sent to me as a helpful resource after our Hypnotherapy session has been phenomenal! I use this visualization regularly to ask for Guidance from my Higher Self and others we worked with during the session.

My ability to reconnect and listen to my Inner Wisdom has just been astounding and I’ve benefited so much from the journey it’s been taking me on. I just wanted to thank you because I feel like my session with you jump-started it all.

Mari from Santa Barbara


An Incredibly Enlightening Session

My session with Peter was incredibly enlightening. He was able to release some unwanted energies and help me discover from my personal Wisdom Team some next steps for me to take to grow spiritually. During my session I felt totally relaxed and in control while Peter asked me questions in his gentle and calm way.

I continue to learn and gain even more understanding as I listen over and over to the recording of our session.  I highly recommend Peter Wright and I look forward to doing a Life Between Lives session with him in the near future.

Trish Jacobs from Paso Robles, CA


I Feel Such Freedom and Relief....

Peter came highly recommended to me by a wonderful medium and friend, Suzanne Giesemann. In a recent reading with her, my Guides urged me to get a past-life session to help me deal with severe anxiety.

I am so very grateful that the session was done with Peter. From the start, Peter was so pleasant to deal with — uplifting, supportive and easy to talk to. I am a shy person, so these traits were critical, in order for me to trust Peter and the process. 

I sought a phone session with Peter in order to get to the bottom of my overwhelming anxiety and depression. My life is wonderful, but I have many deep seated childhood traumas to work through. I had some anxiety even about whether or not I would be able to have a “successful session.” Peter was most helpful in providing me with information and setting my mind completely at ease.

The session itself flowed very smoothly, and I felt tremendous comfort and support from my Angels and Guides. Peter’s guidance was incredible during the process. We explored the most appropriate past life that could help me resolve my issues.

To my great surprise, he also helped me discover that I had not one, not two, but THREE spirits who were attached to me and giving me great sadness and anxiety. One of the spirits was a very dark energy that had been with me since I was very small.

It’s hard to describe the sense of absolute freedom and relief I have had since the session. It was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders — one that I’ve been carrying my entire life, and didn’t even know it!

I would not hesitate to HIGHLY recommend Peter for his services. He is a wonderful, gifted individual, and I will be eternally grateful for his healing gifts. Thank you, Peter, with all my heart!

Natalie from Colorado


Anxiety, Higher Self and Past Lives

I contacted Peter in order to understand the source of my residual anxiety, to connect with my Higher Self and to explore past lives. I had been suffering from an unexplainable feeling of dark self-destruction, as if my mind was my own worst enemy. I was able to induce anxiety attacks in myself simply by allowing these feelings of dark energy to enter my space.

I am so very glad that I met with Peter. In our two-hour session, Peter helped liberate me from any and all levels of anxiety, helped guide me to exploring an unbelievably important and fascinating past life, and taught me how to connect with my Heart and Higher Self.

This was my first hypnotherapy and past-life regression session, and it was an entirely positive experience. Very relaxing and resourcing too. I am so deeply grateful for this newfound feeling of liberation ... as if I am no longer bound by the dark energy that once held the reins over my well-being.

I feel that I live for myself now and am the master of my own feelings and destiny. I am looking forward to another session with Peter to work on getting more out of life and exploring more past lives. I feel like the opportunities are endless and am extremely grateful for having crossed paths with Peter.

Michael from Santa Barbara


Letting Go of Sadness, Guilt, Betrayal and Deep-Seated Resentment

After discovering Peter’s website and reading about his credentials as well as his clients’ testimonials, I decided to use his services to assist me with clearing some emotional blocks.

Since our session I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I am not being triggered as much by my thoughts and emotions. I was able to release feelings of sadness, guilt, betrayal and deep-seated resentment towards members of my family. I feel a great deal stronger and confident in my personhood and a bit more grounded.

EG from Southern California


More Freedom and Peace

Thank you so much Peter for all your assistance and resources. Our work has been very timely for me and I anticipate that the benefits will continue to multiply as I remain conscious and alert to old patterns of thinking and behaving. It feels like a new turn on the road to freedom and peace. Your practice is very compassionate and I was able to relax and trust the process. I am grateful to know you.

Melinda from Santa Barbara


Getting Unstuck, Releasing Sadness and Anger and Clearing the Pathway to Love Again

I scheduled a phone session with Peter because I was seeking to get unstuck and to discover new motivation, purpose and joy in my life. I was also hoping to find relief from all the sadness and anger toward my ex-husband and how he treated me. Plus I wanted to clear the pathway to finding true and long-lasting love.

As a result of my session, I now feel motivated and energized about my work and my life. I know that I’m finally back on the path that is right for me. The negative thoughts about my ex-husband have disappeared. And I believe I’ve become more available for love and a long-lasting relationship.

Marty from La Jolla, CA


Lightening My Load

I turned to Peter to “lighten my load.” For so many years, many people have expected too much from me all the time.

Peter led me into a past life that helped clear this pattern. And then we called forth those in my present life (who had been with me in that past-life story) and they agreed to take on more responsibility for themselves in our current lives together. I experienced a shift almost immediately! I’m now setting clearer boundaries. This is a huge change for me!

Plus from the session I established a strong connection with my Higher Self and my Heart — who are here to guide and support me. Thank you so much for our session, Peter. You do amazing work!

Cindy from Pismo Beach, CA


My Depression is Lifting

As a child I was physically and emotionally abused which contributed to my feelings of anxiety, fear and depression for more than 30 years. I’ve done a lot of talk therapy which has helped me over the years.

But one two-hour session with Peter made a huge shift in me. He removed the black cloud from my mind that has kept me imprisoned for far too long. Peter helped me let go of the past and heal my heart. And he connected me to my Higher Self that was blocked so I can now tune into that Inner Guidance to help me move forward in my life.

I have more work to do, but already I feel so much happier and hopeful about my future — and friends have noticed the changes in me too.

Carolyn from Fountain Valley, CA


A New Lightness of Being

Peter came highly recommended and initially I traveled to Santa Barbara so he could facilitate a Life Between Lives session. When I got there he kindly picked me up at my hotel and brought me to his office. We discussed my reason for coming and I realized that maybe this was not the session I needed. Peter, who listened and tapped into his own intuition, asked if I would be open to finding out what has caused my Depression since 2008. I was open, so off we went.

I am a spiritual person and had recently embraced my Spirit Guide Team. Peter welcomed them into my session in addition to the Archangels so there was maximum support for my journey. Through this process I reclaimed my beautiful Inner Child of Light. And layer by layer we continued to delve deeper. And with each layer Archangel Michael stepped forward and helped free me from old Darkness.

I so appreciated how Peter gave me a safe space to unleash the thoughts that had been locked away, buried or unwanted. He then encouraged me to meet those thoughts and together we cleansed their Darkness in Archangel Michael’s Net of Light. With each layer we removed, my body physically jolted. And then we took those cleansed spaces in me and filled them with loving Light. When the session was over, Peter drove me back to my hotel and I slept.

The days that followed were about integrating and healing what had just occurred. And slowly but surely I began to notice the subtle changes. There was less impatience and need for control, and more playfulness and kindness in its place. It has been a few weeks and I’ve decided to start weaning myself off of the antidepressants. I am excited to try out life with my newly cleansed spirit. Thank you, Peter, from the depths of my heart and spirit.

Mindy from Juneau, AK


Released My Limiting Beliefs

I turned to Peter to help me change my limiting beliefs about money, needing to take care of everybody else first and motherhood. During our two-hour session, we uncovered the reasons for each of these beliefs and changed my outmoded recordings within to help create more abundance in my life, to love myself first, and to be open to becoming a mother. Plus I now feel closely connected to my Spiritual Self — my Higher Self and Spirit Guides that are always around me. What an amazing and beneficial session!

Naomi from Santa Barbara


Benefits of Exploring a Past Life

My past-life session with Peter opened up and enhanced my understanding of my life.

Margie from Santa Barbara


A Spirit Releasement Session

I made an appointment to see Peter in hopes that he could help me release my years of depression.

After protecting me in a bubble of Golden White Light, Peter guided me into a very relaxed and comfortable level of trance. Next he introduced me to my Higher Self and then asked me to imagine myself standing in front of a full-length Magic Mirror of Truth and report what came to mind as I saw my reflected energy.

I reported that I saw myself with my reddish, curly hair, a pink T-shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes — but I was surprised to see a black heart and black guts — like tar where my chest and stomach should have been.

He invited that black energy to come forth — speaking through me using my voice. He asked it if it were a part of me, or “something else.” It said it was “something else.”  Was it male or female?  It told us it was male.

As Peter questioned this negative energy, I quickly realized that it was the voice of my father who had died several years ago. He had brutally beaten me numerous times when I was growing up. My chest felt so tight I thought my breastbone might break.

The energy told us that when my Dad died, he moved into me instead of going into the Light and he had continued to ruin my life and smother me with depression.

Peter called forth Archangel Michael and asked my Dad’s Mom and his brothers who had passed on before my Dad to join us. Together they took my Dad out of my energy field and escorted him into the Light so he could be healed.

Peter next guided me back to my Magic Mirror of Truth. As I looked at my reflected energy body again, I realized that all that black tar in me was gone. I now saw myself in the mirror as I am today. My Higher Self agreed and told me that I didn’t need to be sad any more. Plus I could at last take deep breaths again, feeling unconstrained and free.

Since that session, I feel so much happier. I’ve lowered the dosage of my anti-depressant medication and for the first time in many years I am feeling confident about my future.

Patty from Oceano, CA


I Felt Stuck and Couldn’t Move Forward

I am very familiar with Hypnotherapy but I found Peter’s approach to be different. He sincerely wanted me to have success, he inquired about my goals at the beginning of our session, plus he kept me on track to make sure I accomplished these goals.

Additionally, Peter immediately emailed me the session recording for reinforcement, and we scheduled a 30-minute phone follow-up for a week later to help me process and integrate what had occurred. I found the follow-up to be just as rewarding as the actual session because I gained even more awareness of myself and the shifts that had taken place within me.

Peter helped me release what was holding me back and my life started improving almost immediately. I gained more clarity about decisions I was making and I could easily attract new and positive experiences. Plus my relationships seemed to flow with improved communications.

I highly recommend Peter if you feel stuck and want to move forward in your life. Hypnotherapy is easy, effortless and so relaxing and yet I was so keenly aware during the session! Thanks, Peter, for your strong commitment to helping your clients reach their goals.

Patricia S. from Thousand Oaks, CA


A Contentious Divorce

I’ve been going through a nasty drawn-out divorce. My session with Peter opened my eyes. He asked me the right questions that guided me in the right direction. As a result, I’m starting to stand up for myself and speak my own truth because I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt what is best for me and for those around me. And thanks to our work together, despite the drama of the divorce, I feel an overall peace deep down inside that all will be well.

Anna from Santa Maria, CA


Hypnotherapy and Depression

I came to see Peter because I have suffered from severe depression for over 10 years and have tried everything from medication, herbal remedies and traditional psychiatry.  None of these strategies did anything to relieve my depression, in fact, they made it much worse.

When I came to Peter I was absolutely lost in life. Although being familiar with the past-life phenomenon, I was nonetheless skeptical about how much this therapy could help.

My two-hour Hypnotherapy session with Peter was not only quite the experience but has had the greatest impact on me over every approach I have taken in the past. He took me on an adventure through my subconscious where we discovered the manifestations of many deep-seated issues causing my depression.

For the weeks following my session, I have seen quite a positive change in my behavior and the way I handle issues in life. I find myself taking part in constructive activities again like writing and making music; my “down” periods have become shorter while my “high” periods last longer. Whenever I confront familiar feelings of negativity I remind myself of what was covered in my session and begin to actually feel better.

This Hypnotherapy has put me face-to-face with the underlining problems of my depression and, although it will be a long road ahead, I feel that Peter's approach has finally set me on that road to finding myself. I feel like a much better person — a great deal more positive and at last in charge of my life. Whether you believe in past lives or not, Peter's approach can get you results.

I highly recommend Peter and his Hypnotherapy over any conventional Western approach towards treating psychological disorders. It is also great if you are looking to better understand who you are or if you are simply looking for a unique experience!

Russell from Las Vegas


My Past-Life Regression and Life Between Life Sessions

Thank you, Peter, for your professional guidance through two hypnosis sessions. I am lucky to be facing a choice for a second career and my personal explorations had not brought me to any ideas that inspired me. I decided to try hypnosis as a way of opening up possibilities and it certainly worked.

The Past-Life Regression session was interesting but showed me that my answers are not rooted in past experience. I had never been hypnotized before and felt that the session taught me to relax and focus so that I could listen to my Inner Wisdom more clearly at any time.

The Life Between Life session was remarkable. There were surprises that were not really surprises after all, and the way forward — my truth — was clear. I feel calm and confident that what I experienced gives me a different viewpoint for my life and the way I see the world. Relationships were explained to me in a way that made profound sense. The Spirit World has structure and the connections I have have purpose and history beyond this incarnation. I continue to find new ease in my life and I feel this expansion will continue for some time.

Peter is encouraging, thought provoking and digs deep to help you find the answers for your higher purpose. He provides the questions you don't know to ask, and facilitates asking the ones you have held onto for a lifetime. These sessions definitely speed up self-discovery and I have benefitted immensely from this process.

Jo from Santa Barbara


An Effective Holistic Healing Modality

Peter is an amazing healer. Prior to seeing him, I had never been hypnotized and was even skeptical about the process, but am now fully confident in its transformational and healing capability.

He set me at ease when we sat down to discuss my goals: to meet my Higher Self, to address problems relating to depression and to gain clarification regarding the direction of my career and romantic relationship.

Peter used wonderful imagery to guide me into hypnosis. I felt comfortable and confident that he knew what he was doing and was an expert in this line of work. Peter asked just the right questions to gauge if I needed to go a little deeper into hypnosis, to ensure that I would have the most effective session possible. I also felt comfortable stating that I needed a bathroom break and was able to slip back into hypnosis with ease after doing so.

I am so glad that I chose to see Peter and undergo hypnosis so that I could release pain that was preventing me from reaching my highest potential. I've noticed a physical difference, an emotional difference and a general improvement in the state of affairs in my life. This truly is a holistic healing modality, and one that I recommend wholeheartedly.

Camille from Santa Barbara 


Divorce and Past-Life Regression

Peter guided me into a past life of mine that revealed so much about my husband and me and helped me determine positive next steps to help me take charge of my life! I realized that I no longer need my husband to survive.  Re-experiencing this past life enabled me release so much anger and guilt and regain my love for myself.

I now have the confidence to do what's necessary to manifest what I really want next. And that includes attracting the right man for me. My session with Peter was one of the best investments I've ever made in my life.

Janet from Carlsbad, CA


A Profound Life Between Lives Session

My Life Between Lives session into the Spirit World was more profound than I had first anticipated. I was particularly pleased with what I learned about myself from talking to my own Council of Elders. Each of these 5 evolved souls had important messages for me that I needed to hear.

Listening to the CD recording of the session afterwards was important to me. It showed me that I was not making things up rather I was guided from within from "The Greater Wholeness.

I also found my initial session with Peter was enlightening as well. I went back to a much earlier past life where some important lessons were learned. Thank you Peter for the informative and interesting adventure into the Soul World!

Norma from Westlake Village, CA 


Speaking My Truth

I heard from a friend about Peter and his work and how one woman said that "he changed my life!" I decided to give hypnotherapy a try, especially because I know enough to know that this kind of work bypasses the mind and goes right to work with the unconscious — a kind of laser beam approach if you ask me!

Well one aspect I wanted to work on was speaking my truth, even in the face of the other person reacting negatively to my truth in some way. As a result of the work Peter and I did together, I found that I’ve become much more confident since our session.

In fact, a few days later I got into a friendly argument with a colleague and was amazed with my response. Rather than backing down and letting my anger fester, I stood up for myself.  And I was surprised to realize that she continued to like me despite our differences of opinion. This was a huge victory for me!

Plus during my Hypnotherapy session I was delighted to meet my Higher Self and several other Guides who I now know are with me to share their wisdom, love and support for me on a daily basis.

Peter is a consummate professional and I felt safe and encouraged, both during the session and afterwards in our follow-up call.

Thank you, Peter, for this deep and transformative work that you do in the world.

Marie H. from Seattle, WA


Letting Go of Self-Doubt

Working with Peter helped me release the self-doubt that I have been carrying for far too long. What has emerged is the inner confidence that I can now — with the help of my own Higher Self and Guide — build the life that I truly want. At last I’m taking the steps to do so.  The frustration is gone — replaced by gratitude that this Guidance is helping me create the best version of me. What a successful session!

Dee from Santa Barbara


An Empowering Session

At the beginning of our session I met and got to know my Guide and other key resources within me that are here to help and support me. Next, Peter released negative thought forms that were blocking me from speaking my truth and opening my heart. We then come to closure with a vow that I made in a past life that was preventing me from stepping into my own power. As a result I am now — after far too longbeginning to feel optimistic as I see new possibilities in my life. It's really awesome!

Jada from Santa Barbara


Discovering the Next Steps to Fulfill My Life's Purpose

Thank you for your gentle guidance and support as I connected to my Inner Wisdom to gain a better understanding of my life's purpose and to clarify what steps to take to get moving.

Through my work with you I came to understand what I am to do. I learned of my inner guidance in the form of a Council of Supporters who are available to help me, to watch, to oversee, to help create an environment involving nature, music, specific colors and textures which will allow me to focus on my life's purpose; seeing and acknowledging the magnificence in all persons starting with the unacknowledged magnificence in me.

I learned more about the angelic presences who serve as direct conduits between God and myself. I received specific directions as to the next steps to take, the focus of my writing, and the outgrowths of the writing leading to speaking about soul healing and magnificence.

The time I spent with you in session, Peter, pulled everything together for me. Most importantly I came to know I am not alone in my quest to live and share the Inner Wisdom which keeps me connected to the angels and to God. Thank you.

Mary Ann from San Diego


Regained Control Over My Life with the Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life Guided Visualization into the 5th Dimension

I first listened to the Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life Guided Visualization when my hopes for having a romantic relationship with an attractive young lady that I had began speaking with at work did not come to pass. I felt an overwhelming and all encompassing sense of disappointment that took me by surprise. My emotions were totally out of control and I found myself in a very desperate state, to say the least.

Through repeated listenings, I was able to reframe my perception of the situation and in doing so, I was able to let go of that debilitating sense of disappointment and also realize a breakthrough gain of helpful and new insights about myself.

This guided visualization recording not only changed my perception but also helped me regain control over my emotions and my life in such a way that I now have a positive and pleasant working connection with this young lady without any of the negative feelings of being hurt and disappointed that I had before.

Thank you so very much, Peter and Barbara, for giving me and the world such a powerfully positive tool to improve our lives!

CC from Harlingen, TX


Such Positive Results from Our Session

Thank you for the time you spent with me. I benefited greatly. I feel more positive and at ease. I have a newfound appreciation for life.

Since our session I've been more productive and proactive. I've limited my smoking which has given me more clarity and peace. My anxiety level has been reduced. I feel more centered and much more open and loving. I can and am creating everything I desire. You were very instrumental in assisting me.

My heart continues to heal over the loss of my dear friend and I recently recorded a song for him.

Shellie from Morro Bay, CA


Connecting the Dots

Peter gave me insight into my own way of receiving my guidance. During the session I realized that I already possessed all the knowledge I needed in making any choice that may arise in my life. It was about going within myself instead of trying to find the answers outside through otheropinions and advice. Peter helped me connect all the dots that were already there.

Through my sessions, I now can connect with my Higher Self and find the highest answers for my own good that could never come from anyone but myself. I am now trusting what I hear in the way I am supposed to hear it. We all find our guidance in our own unique ways. Thank you Peter for helping me recognize my own unique way.

Diana from Chula Vista, CA


Meeting My Higher Self and Learning My Higher Purpose

Thank you, Peter, for your insight and help. Because of your expertise, I now know the voice of my Higher Self. Since our session She communicates with me daily and I listen to her instructions as She guides and corrects my thoughts and shares ideas that I can trust.

I was very grateful that you also helped to heal my broken heart and enabled me to discover my Higher Purpose in this lifetime.

What an amazing therapeutic experience. My feet are no longer at the front of the door waiting for it to open. They have finally opened the door which I will call Door #1 because I know that there are many more doors for me to open with the assistance of my Higher Self. I look forward to my progression with great anticipation.

Anderson from Menifee, CA


I am so Grateful

Thank you so much, Peter, for your sensitivity, your patience, your attention, and for being fully with me in such a loving way during our session. Your presence, your being and who you are made me feel heard andat the same timesafe and fully supported.

While I was fearful about the outcome before the session, I have found that since we got together my life has been unfolding in a loving and compassionate way. I can now face adversity with love instead of my previous flight/fight response. At last I am coming from a place of assertivenessspeaking my truth in a loving way regardless of the situation.

Michel from Santa Barbara


My Higher Self is My New Best Friend

Meeting with my Higher Self was one of several highlights during our session together. Since then it's getting easier and easier to connect with that wise part of me in a secure and safe placeust communing and hanging out together. It's such a dependable source of wisdom that I'm beginning to rely upon. And I can carry that resource with me throughout my day and turn to it at will.

Working with Peter was a fantastic experience. He is positive, compassionate and professional. The insights I gained in our session have helped me so much, and I am very grateful for this new knowledge.

Tracy from San Luis Obispo, CA


Benefits of Connecting With My Higher Self

Just wanted to check in and tell you how much I appreciated our session and the follow up. I felt like we were really in sync and you were tracking my progress at a very intense and deep level. I had insights I didn't expect to receive and continue to process them.

A really astonishing outcome has been my ability to meet and converse with my Higher Self, Clara. I had no idea this was possible. I've been asking Clara a lot of questions and getting answers sometimes several sentences long. This is information that I could never have come up with on my own. All these answers seem to be for the Highest Good of those involved. And this even takes me to an even higher level in my own actions and reactions.

It's been fascinating and illuminating working with this process. Thanks again for your expertise and help!

Penny from Santa Barbara


My Fear and Anxiety About the Future are Gone

I had reached a major crossroad in my life and was experiencing huge fear and anxiety about my future. After a session with Peter, the negativity cleared and I now feel stronger and welcome the future. Thank you Peter so much.

Sonia from Santa Barbara


Connected with My Guidance and Cleared Away the Negativity

I came to see you to connect with my Inner Guidance and resolve my feelings of emotional stagnation and the health issues I've been facing with my physical body. I am so grateful that I found you. Prior to seeing you I had researched various practitioners but felt you were the most qualified. I was correct. You eased any anticipatory anxiety I had prior to our session. I am astounded at how effective my treatment has been.

I'm feeling much better now — as if a piece of me that had gone missing was returned. That critical voice that was trying to stop my growth has been released. We cleared away the negative energy that has been affecting my health for far too long. I can now finally express myself through my unbounded creativity and not feel so alone. How skilled you are, Peter. You were so efficient in helping me get where I needed to go. I could not have been more pleased with our session. My loved ones and I send our continued gratitude for your profound help.

Priscilla from Paso Robles, CA


Fearful of My Abilities as a Healer

I've always been interested in astrology, crystals, magic and the Goddess energy. Yet something about magic scared me and I shied away from giving readings to friends even though I'm really good at it. Why? My session with Peter uncovered a past-life story where I was unfairly blamed and put to death due to my skills as a healer/shaman. This lifted a weight off my shouldersvalidating dreams I've had since childhood. Our session put these interests into perspective so that they all made sense. And I met Sam, my Indian Guide, who is helping expand my abilities as a Healer in my life today.

Jeanene from Atascadero, CA


Amazing Results in Just Two Sessions

I turned to Peter to help me with my self-esteem issues. Plus I couldn't relax and I worried all the time. It was like a part of me was constantly telling me I was not enough and it was all my fault. 

As a result of working with Peter, something major shifted within me. The negative voices have disappeared. I now communicate daily with my Inner Guidance/Higher Self and I feel so much more centered and relaxed. I've taken back my power and believe that I can finally be myself in healthy relationships with those around me. 

I am thrilled that in just two sessions I achieved these powerful results. These sessions have been a gift, and I'm so excited to see what's next as I live my life from a sense of power, acceptance and love. Thank you, Peter.

Marie from Mountain View, CA


Freedom from a 30-year Compulsive Relationship

Since our session, I've been really amazed at how detached I feel from the compulsive relationship that I was involved in for 30 years.

I'm no longer thinking about "Bob" very much at all, and when I do, there's not a charge on it anymore. I'm finally able to move on from him and I feel LIBERATED. Understanding the cause of the unhealthy attachment has released me. I have a much clearer perspective and feel FREE!

Best of all I've released myself to step into a wonderful new relationship. I have a whole new life ahead of me now. And I'm incredibly grateful to you, Peter, for your expertise.

Susan from Santa Barbara


My Life Between Lives Session was so Healing for Me

I have been on my spiritual path for many years and have committed my life to the evolution of my soul. Even with all my understanding and witnessing the manifestations and healings from meditation and prayer work, I still felt as if there was something missing. Something that I was not aware of that was yet to be discovered. Something that my soul came here to do and had not yet been fulfilled. I read Michael Newton's booksJourney of Souls etc. and then knew that I had to make an appointment and experience the Life Between Life process. I was guided immediately to Peter Wright.

Wow what an amazing experience! From a recent past life I received information as to why I had such an underlying feeling of guilt, brought into this life, which I could never really understand before this experience. What a healing! The Life Between Life experience was beyond words as to the beauty, love and wisdom that our souls really are. All my questions were answered by the most loving guides, teachers and my Council of Elders. There is so much Love and support available to each and every one of us. I have the greatest respect for Peter and his work. I have referred Peter to many people and will continue to do so.

Rev. Pati Scott from Los Osos, CA


I Didn't Know What Results to Expect...

I'm truly grateful for my hypnotherapy session with Peter. I have been my own therapist for several years, acting as both my healer and teacher. I didn't know what results to expect from hypnotherapy, and I was hesitant about seeing a hypnotherapist for emotional and mental support. Since my session, an emotional heaviness has lifted from me. I've been in a state of forgiveness and unconditional love, and even my foot pains, which I saw an acupuncturist for, have completely healed. This has been a powerful experience for me and I keep seeing the benefits. I'm thankful to have received an audio recording of my session, which I revisit and continue to obtain new insights and personal reminders. This session was exactly what I needed at this time in my life to help me heal and grow. Much gratitude to Peter and hypnotherapy.

Brianna from Ventura, CA


We Released What's Been Preventing Me from Getting What I Want

My goal in working with Peter was to remove blocks that have been holding me back from my Higher Self and true success in my career. I was also seeking to help heal stomach and knee problems and let go of stress. During our one session, Peter released what was keeping me from stepping into my full power. My digestive and knee issues are much improved. Plus, we healed those parts of me that were causing me to doubt myself. I now feel strong, whole and much more in charge of me. I'm no longer scared. In fact, I am ready to experience whatever is coming my way.

Rachel from Los Angeles


Meeting My Higher Self and Two of My Guides

As I think back on our recent session, it was so powerful to connect with my own Guidance. At last I know what my Higher Self looks like and sounds like and feels like plus I have a Safe Place where I can go at any time and meet with her. Thanks to you I also met two of my personal guides, Evan and Jonathan, so I’ll also be turning to all of them with specific questions during my meditations. I feel a crystal clear connection with them -– there's no kidding around because I know deep within myself that they are there to support me. My session with you, Peter, was absolutely transformative. I look forward to getting together again with you soon.

Shari from Oak Park, CA


The Abundance is Flowing

Peter, you are awesome! Wowso much has cleared and shifted for me during and since our session. I booked 9 acting jobs in two and a half weeks and the abundance is flowing baby!!! I am looking forward to doing a Life Between Lives session with you in the future! Thank you so much again.  

Sarah from Valley Village, CA


I'm Confident Now to Speak My Truth

This is a GREAT time to update you on how I've been doing since my past-live regression session with you. I had asked you for help in speaking my truth and BOY HOWDY have I been doing a great job since then.

From the moment I left our session, I kept thinking of a friend I've known for over 15 years. I reconnected with him and now I'm singing with him every Wednesday night at the open mic night he hosts at our favorite local bar!! Singing has always been a favorite form of expression for me, but the stage fright had kept me from ever even thinking of actually performing, other than karaoke. But thanks to your help I stepped up there that very first night with absolutely NO FEAR and only absolute joy and excitement. We are now looking at adding another guitar player and starting to look for PAYING GIGS!!!! This has been a dream of mine for years, but now it's actually coming true!!

Since our session, many other things in my life have become so much better and easier too. I feel much less stress because I feel that I am equal to everybody else and I deserve my opinion and to speak just as much as everybody else. I don't feel like I am being squelched anymore. You have done such a wonderful thing for me, Peter, and I will never be able to thank you enough.

Michelle from San Luis Obispo, CA


Released that Negative Voice and My Anxiety

I came to see you because I wanted to release the negative voice inside that has been holding me back from feeling confident. I also wanted to find out why I have felt so fearful and anxious. Was it due to something that happened to me in a past life? My life has changed since our session last week. I am back to being myself. That negative voice no longer plagues me. I don't feel the anxiety that used to paralyze me. I feel so much more at peace and in control of myself. In short, I am thrilled and happy about the work that we did together. 

Katie from Santa Barbara


What an Amazing Session!

I felt stuck, as if I were staring through a glass ceiling with white fluffy clouds and singing birds on the other side. Everything I wanted was right there but I couldn't figure out how to reach it. Through the initial phone call, one session including 70 minutes of hypnosis, and a follow-up phone discussion, Peter identified two conflicting aspects of my self and successfully brought them together to work as a team in my professional and personal life. During hypnosis, I discovered and bonded with my Higher Self, feeling love that, apparently, I hadn't felt in years. I was able to begin the process of releasing my fears and awaken the power that I had been hiding inside. Thank you so much, Peter. I truly cannot wait for the opportunity to work with you again! 

Elizabeth J. Cron, Los Angeles, Miss California Contestant 2014


My Creativity is Restored

I can!  I can!  I can!  I feel empowered to move forward in my passion for creativity. What a giftthank you Peter for guiding me.  I feel new energy from my toes to the top of my head.  The demons that had been hanging around in my head have been put to rest.  I am now able to embrace my weirdness and relish it as a gift. It doesn't matter what other people think.  My broken wings have been healed and I can fly again. I AM ME! Thank you! You are truly a gift in my life.

Trudy from Goleta, CA


Goals Achieved in Just One Session

When we got together for my appointment, I wanted to heighten my intuition, improve my relationships with my husband and daughter, release the negative voice within me and, most importantly, feel a more integrated sense of self. As a result of our session, I am delighted to report that my negative voice is now gone. My intuition is much more presentin fact I'm enjoying flashes of helpful insights now regarding the students I work with at school. I'm getting along much better with my husband and daughter. And, best of all, I feel a lot more integrated, confident and at ease in my life.

Becki in Carpinteria, CA


Helping with My Soul's Journey

My goal was to establish a stronger connection with my Higher Self and seek guidance on my Soul’s journey in this life. I really appreciated how artfully you moved me through the experience as it unfolded. You brought me clarity and closure – helping me to connect the dots regarding several significant dreams of mine and three key past lives that have been affecting my current life. I now have a closer connection with my Higher Self, some next steps to fulfill my Soul's Mission in this life plus a greater feeling of peace in my heart. Peter, your approach was impeccable and your heart presence was beautiful. I am so grateful.

Michel from Santa Barbara


A Life Between Lives Session

I discovered so much about myself and my soul's journey from my Life Between Lives session with you. I've been listening to the recording and making notes about what I learned and how I might best manifest more of what I want in my life. I now have a deeper understanding of how I can continue to grow and respond to the challenges I face. And I appreciated realizing that my life can be less "work" as I enjoy and savor the journey rather than focus completely on the results. Our session gave me so many nuggets of helpful information. Thanks again for leading me through such a rewarding experience.

Mark from Seattle


Connecting with Higher Self/Inner Wisdom

I've gained a great deal of insight and made substantial progress as a result of our first session. Of particular significance was connecting with the overwhelming love and wisdom of my Higher Self. She is now my partner in helping me take charge of my life. I'm so much more aware of what I eat and feel a need to exercise more. I'm sleeping better. Plus I'm establishing healthy boundaries with those around me. It’s huge to see this personal transformation. I am so thankful.

A Client from Santa Barbara


Feeling Anxiety and Stress

I felt that I didn't properly thank you for the therapy I received from you. The heavy load has been much lighter. Anxiety and stress subsided. The glimpse of one past life helped me understand why things are the way they are. It sure felt good to cry so much and release the guilt, anger, frustration, and other emotions that were long buried inside me. In their place are forgiveness and love. Most of all, I'd like to thank you for willing to continue supporting me as I move forward. It means a lot to me!

A Client from Santa Barbara


Here's an Update from this Santa Barbara Client

Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that I am feeling even better than the last time we talked. For the first time in... I don't even remember how long, I am feeling "normal" (versus nervous, stressed and depressed) again, and the ability to feel normal is a true blessing. I can't thank you enough!

A Client from Santa Barbara


Concerned About the Next Stage in My Life

I am no longer worried about the next stage of my life. That concern disappeared while working with you and it's been replaced by a feeling of anticipation and excitement of "just going for it." As a result, I now have a much greater sense of integration — the parts of me are no longer separate. I'm just enjoying being in the flow of life. What a remarkable session!

A Client from Colorado


Anxiety, Guilt, Shame and Anger

Our recent session was extremely important for me. The past lives that I visited gave me a clear understanding of why I have felt the way I do. In exploring them, you helped me release a lot of the anxiety, guilt, shame and anger that I have been carrying for far too long. As a result, I've been able to continue to process and release even more on my own since our session. Plus my fear of authority and "breaking the rules" have lessened as well. Thank you.

A Client from Santa Monica


Profound Healing in Just Two Sessions

Having experienced numerous psychological and spiritual healing modalities, I was astonished and pleased at the profound depth of emotional and spiritual healing I received from my sessions with you. I encourage anyone who wants to rid themselves from obsessive thoughts and emotional blockages to experience the unique form of effective healing that you offer. Your 22 years of working with clients, together with your professional certifications plus the passion that you bring to this very delicate work has enabled me to experience some significant breakthroughs in a very brief period of time. Thank you!

Elizabeth from Santa Barbara


Relationship Issue Resolved

I feel like my sessions with Peter helped me break through a major barrier I had with relationships. I was terrified of dating, and intimacy with a man was nearly unthinkable. Just going on a date was enough to set off major panic attacks. After working with Peter, these fears started to fade. Within a month of our first session, I began my first actual relationship with a guy. It was so perfect, as if the Universe opened up. By the end of my third session with Peter, I found the courage inside me to move to Germany and give the relationship a chance. Less than a year later, we're blissfully married! Thank you so much!!!

A Client now Living in Germany


Transformed My Life

Using hypnosis, Peter enabled me to discover a critical past life that gave me the insight I needed to resolve long-standing issues so I could move forward in my life. Peter also connected me with key people in my life who had either passed on or are still alive — and I was able to come to closure with them in a powerful and loving way.

During my Life Between Lives session, I met with my Council of Elders in the Spirit World. Their guidance was invaluable and has led me to make major changes regarding my career, my approach to relationships and love, and how I look at money and material possessions. Peter followed-up and helped me to process my observations and learnings — providing additional insight to assist me in fulfilling my potential in this life.

If you really want to transform your life, I strongly encourage you to work with Peter.

Michael from San Francisco


The Past-Life Story Freed Me from Feeling Responsible for Everyone Plus I Connected with My Higher Self

Thanks for your follow-up call to touch base with me today. I've thought a great deal about our session. The past-life story that came forth really resonated with me and explained a lot about why I have felt so responsible for everyone around me. It made me for the first time see this in a different light. In doing so I realize I now have more choices available to me. This is very liberating. Also I was pleased to truly connect with my Higher Self — and I look forward to strengthening that connection so I can tune in and engage her more in my day-to-day decisions.

Marta from Homewood, CA


The Deep Depression is Lifting and I Feel Much More Empowered

Exploring my past lives has given me a deep understanding of why things have happened to me in this life. I no longer feel desperate or wish that I could die. The deep depression I have experienced my entire life is lifting. Everything is making sense to me now. I look at my relationships differently and I am able to make better decisions. For the first time, I'm setting boundaries and letting go of people who do not respect those boundaries. I am more empowered and I feel I have much more control over my life. I'm moving forward with an understanding that could not have been achieved without your assistance. Our sessions together have been incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!

A Client from Orange County


Manifesting Abundance Through 5th Dimensional Healing

Before my session, I was feeling stuck, depressed and worn down. Thanks to your 5th Dimension Visualization, I reconnected with my hopefulness, my passion and my life energy – releasing all that negative stuff. And within a day I started manifesting exactly what I've been seeking in my life. And now a couple of weeks later, good things continue to come my way. I am thrilled! Thank you, Peter.

Sonia from Santa Barbara


Spirit Releasement — I'm Reclaiming Myself

As the youngest growing up in a family of eight girls, I could never understand why I was so lonely. I felt horribly alone despite being surrounded by so many family members and friends. And I've been dragging these feelings around with me ever since. It felt like I was on the outside of life looking in, like no one could see me and I was living someone else's life. This affected my home life, work and love life and made it happiness very difficult.

Thanks to you, now I know why. It all fell into place when we discovered the earthbound spirit of a 14-year-old girl who had died alone/unseen/unhappy and then entered into me when I was about 13 years old. Psychics I consulted along the way described her as "something that was sitting on my life." But nobody knew what to do about it. When you released her into the Light my life immediately changed. At the age of 49 I'm no longer plagued by feelings of loneliness and unhappiness. I am at last in charge. Thank you for helping me reclaim myself. My life is finally my own once again!


Gained Answers to Life-Long Questions

Thank you for the wonderful experience in our recent session! It is seldom that something so anticipated actually lives up to the expectations. In this case it vastly exceeded them.

The time we spent was pleasant, helpful, and insightful. I gained answers to many questions that have been perplexing me all my life, and pointed toward a lot of nuances about myself that require further contemplation and exploration. Where I had previously felt adrift in the meaning and purpose of my life, I now feel much more centered. It helped me understand the true difference between 'safe' choices and 'best possible' choices.

Not only was the actual experience highly beneficial, but also your recommendations regarding developmental resources are proving invaluable. I have not, and will not stop learning from this!

Our time together was well spent, as a life lesson and a memorable experience. Again, I cannot thank you enough!

A Client from Bakersfield, CA


Fears of Childbirth

I am so grateful to you for helping me release my fears about childbirth and raising kids in just one session. Finding out the cause in a past-life as a prostitute who was beaten for becoming pregnant resonated with me. When I got home after the session I googled "herbs that can cause abortions" and was surprised to discover that herbs were used for centuries to abort a child. I had not known that until I "remembered" it during our session. This further validated the past life for me. I'm now looking forward to the birth of my baby and am confident that I will be a very good mother. Thank you again.

Stephanie from Santa Barbara


No Longer Feeling Responsible for Everyone Around Me

Thanks for your follow-up call to touch base with me today. I've thought a great deal about our session. The past-life story that came forth really resonated with me and explained a lot about why I have felt so responsible for everyone around me. It made me for the first time see this in a different light. I realize I now have more choices available to me. This is very liberating. In addition it provided me with a key to understanding some of the relationships that I have in my current lifetime, as those souls were present in that past-life. Also I was pleased to truly connect with my Higher Self — and I look forward to strengthening that connection so I can tune in and engage her more in my day-to-day decisions. This firsthand experience is an ally to me in my daily life as it is easier to put everyday problems into perspective.


Becoming More Self-Aware and More Accepting of My Partner

Thank you for an incredible session. The 5th Dimension Healing visualization was absolutely amazing! It was so beautiful. I found myself in the center of a purple, cloud-like atmosphere of gentle energy. The overwhelming feeling was of perfect Peace. And Love. I did not want to return. Plus I feel that the 5th Dimension visualization helped me by making me more self-aware and more accepting of my partner. As a result we are talking a lot more about our relationship and what we are each seeking from the other. Our session together served as a catalyst for making it safer for me to speak my truth of who I am and what I need from him. I am very grateful."

Pamela from Washington, DC


Using the 5th Dimension Healing CD

I have used the 5th Dimension Healing Visualization CD three times and wanted you to know that it is quite helpful. Not only do I feel relaxed and peaceful while listening but also I am very refreshed afterwards. Each time I am trusting more in the process and step-by-step I'm getting closer to realizing the intention that I have set for that listening session. Already things in my life are happening more easily and this is giving me hope that my intention will unfold for the highest good of those involved. In fact, I feel that the higher vibrational energy of the 5th Dimension is now supporting me and what I want to achieve.

MJH from Santa Barbara


Letting Go of Irrational Fears by Exploring a Past-Life Story

I would like to thank you for such an amazing session. By going into that past-life story, I was able to come to closure and express regret to the child I harmed through my anger and violence in that story. As a result, I feel now that I have let go of my weird fears about being a loving parent to my new baby who will be born in the coming months. Plus I am not as easily exasperated or angered now and enjoy a greater sense of calmness overall in my life since our session. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you again!

A New Mother from Santa Barbara


Rapid Results from Just One Past-Life Session

I am amazed at how much we were able to accomplish in just one two-hour past-life session! I feel so much better — I can really tell the difference. For the first time in years, I can go to sleep without doctor prescribed remedies. I have more energy. I'm able to speak up for myself — which is quite a change from the past. Before I came to you, I felt stuck. And now I am not. I'm eager for our next appointment so we can quickly resolve a thorny relationship issue in my life. Thank you, Peter.

Cheryl from Santa Barbara


Food Compulsions Disappeared and I'm Much More in Charge of Me

Thanks to all that we did during our session, my craving for sweets and gluten has diminished significantly. I no longer have the compulsion around food that I once did and I really appreciate that change. When faced with food choices, I can now make a wise healthy choice that honors my body. I have also found that it is much easier for me to stand in my own truth and be honest with those around me. Plus, our session showed me how — in moments of stress — I can become more centered and in charge of the day-to-day activities in my life. I am very grateful for our work together.

Lola from Lompoc, CA


Spirit Releasements for Client and Her Husband

I am amazed that we accomplished so much in our spirit releasement session last week. The weird sensations that I had been experiencing on my left side have totally disappeared. I'm feeling much better emotionally now and those recent urges to drink alcohol and overeat have disappeared. As a high school teacher, I find that I'm better able to cope with difficult situations in the classroom — releasing these feelings a lot quicker rather than dwelling on them.

And the remote spirit releasement that we did on my husband has changed things around for him as well. I don't sense that dark presence within him any more. He's feeling a lot better and we're emotionally closer than we've been in years. In just two hours, you changed our lives for the better. Thank you!

K.N. from Santa Maria

P.S. I'm looking forward to making another appointment to learn how to connect on a regular basis with my Higher Self.


The Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher Self

I want to thank you immensely for facilitating such a powerful experience with your "spiritual hypnosis" process at our last session. It's hard to believe that five years had transpired since my first past-life and between-life session with you but that first one launched so much personal insight, growth and learning — along with a healthy dose of resistance and denial — that I needed time to digest and process it all!

With your compassionate and intuitive guidance at this last session, I was finally receptive to the deep truth of my Higher Self and my purpose for this precious life. I had a really profound experience of what that full embodiment of Higher Self feels like — in ALL my cells — and beyond the body. That feeling of being deeply loved and held vibrationally in the vastness of spirit has allowed me to take more risks to fulfill my soul's mission this time around (no more regrets!).

Finally my annoying, self-sabotaging skeptic's mind is being silenced by the wisdom of the grander scheme of beings who are all truly cheering me — all of us — forward on our hero's journey. I now see this journey with greater self-awareness, clarity and connection to my Higher Purpose. This journey is no longer a solo quest but a co-creation with others with similar missions that will benefit so many. The biggest blessing of all is that my digestive pain is nearly a story of the past. Hooray!

Thank you for bringing your gifts to the world in this way!

Mary from Incline Village, NV


I Now Have Access to My Full Potential

Before any more time passes I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the work that we did together. My two sessions with you helped me to remove the blockages that were preventing me from fulfilling my potential. As a result, I am now able to access my Treasure Trove of abilities with the help of my Higher Self along with the assistance of all the other guidance that is now available to me in order to fulfill my mission to be all that I can be in my current life. Thank you again!

Jim M. from Solvang, CA


Another Earthbound Spirit Releasement

Your assistance in getting rid of the earthbound spirit that had been with me since I was a child has helped me to take charge of my own life. I now have the energy to do the things that really need to be done, while in the past I would have just said, "Forget it." I feel more comfortable in my body and know that I am so much more focused than I was in the past. Thank you for an extremely productive session.

A Client from Santa Barbara


Benefits of Experiencing a Past Life and Life Between Lives

Through past-life regression and between-lives therapy, Peter helped me figure out the issues between me and my father when cognitive therapy did not. I had blamed my dad for many bad experiences that I was aware of, in this life and others, and it turned out that I was the culprit who had started the cycle! I was able to forgive myself and him, and release it all. Peter is kind, sensitive, and above all, present to whatever situation presents itself. I thought hypnotherapy was going to be weird, but it was actually just a relaxed state of awareness, and Peter made me feel comfortable and safe as I explored what I was seeing and feeling. We've even done sessions over the phone! You're in good hands with Peter.

Ruth from Reston, VA