My Unique Approach

My Unique Approach can help you:
  • Get significant results in just one session — 94 Testimonials
  • Work in partnership with your personal Wisdom Team (your Higher Self, your Heart and any Ascended Masters, Guides and Loved Ones that want to join us to help resolve your issues)
  • Integrate these changes so you can move forward in your daily life
  • Gain an easy way for you to reconnect with your personal Wisdom Team whenever you choose to get more guidance from within you.
We Start with a Free 30-Minute Consultation

If you are new to Hypnotherapy and/or would like to talk with me about the services that I offer, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me in person or by phone or Zoom or by Skype.

This gives us a chance to talk about what you want to change or heal in your life and how we can work together using Hypnotherapy to quickly achieve your goals.

I offer these consultations every day of the week.

If You Wonder Whether You Can Be Hypnotized

Most people can enter a relaxed state of Hypnosis. I’ll be happy to email you an MP3 of my 9-minute Hypnotic Induction so you can discover on your own how easy it is for you to enter the safe and enjoyable state of trance before we get together for a session.

I know you’ll like listening to my conversation with Roberta Grimes on her popular Seek Reality podcast. Find out how I work with a client’s Higher Self, Heart and other Guides to help quickly resolve the client’s issues — often in just one Hypnotherapy session.

Listen or Download

Your Hypnotherapy Session

If you decide to work with me, we’ll begin our two-hour session — either in person or by phone or by Skype or Zoom — by briefly discussing what you’d like to accomplish and then set Goals for our time together. 

I’ll then guide you into a safe and relaxing state of Hypnosis and then up into the 5th Dimension where we have access to all possibilties in your life.  Once there I help you connect with your Higher Self, your Heart and any Ascended Masters, Guides and Loved Ones that want to join us to be part of your personal Wisdom Team. 

Because they know everything about your current life and your “past lives,” we’ll invite your Wisdom Team to be our partner and take you back to the cause of whatever issue(s) you are seeking to change or resolve in your life.  The origin could be something that happened to you in this life, or in a “past-life story” or perhaps some place else.

Once we find the source, we’ll work with your Wisdom Team to help you release any blockages as you let go of, heal or come to closure with those issues we’re focusing on.

After we’ve made progress resolving these issues, I’ll invite you to imagine a Sacred Spot or Special Place.

This Special Place is where you feel safe, protected and can easily reconnect in the coming days and weeks with your Higher Self and the other members of your Wisdom Team. By visiting this place regularly, you can build a stronger relationship with your personal Wisdom Team and get answers you can trust to help you resolve even more issues in your life.

I’ll Email You a Link to the Recording of Your Session

You’ll receive a link to access your session recording right after the session. I encourage you to listen to this MP3 in the coming week so that you can take off additional layers of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs that no longer support you.

Plus I’ll send you a link to my Higher Self Shortcut. This guided visualization will make it even easier for you to reconnect with your Wisdom Team whenever you choose. This allows you to receive on-going guidance from your Team who are eager to help you move forward in your life.

A Follow-up Session to Process and Integrate Your Hypnotherapy Session

About a week after our session, we’ll get together in person or by phone or Skype or Zoom for an hour-long Follow-up Session. We’ll review the Goals that you set and talk about the results that you've received so far from our earlier Hypnotherapy session. I’ll then go through my notes to help you process and integrate everything that took place — answering any questions that you might have along the way.

We’ll then revisit your Goals and determine any next steps — if needed — that can help you achieve even more results in the future.  If your issues are complex or if you want to come to closure with other issues, we can get together for another two-hour Hypnotherapy session.  By this time you already know how easy it is to go into Hypnosis and we can confidently call upon your personal Wisdom Team to partner with us again so you can rapidly achieve even more results for your Highest Good.

I Offer Short-Term Hypnotherapy
I find that many client issues can be resolved in just one or two Hypnotherapy sessions with me.

I've worked with more than 1,900 Hypnotherapy clients in person, by phone or by Zoom or Skype over the past 25 years. Click here to find out what my clients say.

Reach Out to Me Today for Your Free 30-Minute Consultation
Just fill out my contact form or give me a call at (805) 770-5200. It's so easy to discover whether a Hypnotherapy session with me is right for you.