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  • "I Achieved So Many Goals in Just One Session" +

    When we got together for my appointment, I wanted to heighten my intuition, improve my relationships with my husband and daughter, release the negative voice within me and, most importantly, feel a more integrated sense of self.

    As a result of our session, I am delighted to report that my negative voice is now gone. My intuition is much more present — in fact, I'm enjoying flashes of helpful insights now regarding the students I work with at school. I'm getting along much better with my husband and daughter. And, best of all, I feel a lot more integrated, confident and at ease in my life.

    Becki in Carpinteria, CA

  • "Healed My Anxiety, Sadness, Anger & Depression" +

    I sought Peter’s assistance to help me connect with my Higher Self, release my anxiety/depression and let go of my self-critical thoughts. This two-hour Hypnotherapy session has given me more closure and resolution with key issues in my life than I achieved in all my years of Talk Therapy.

    During our session, he guided me into a relaxed state of trance and up into the 5th Dimension. We partnered with my Higher Self, my Heart and one of my Guides to reduce what was causing my anxiety, sadness, anger and depression. Peter then brought forth my self-confidence which agreed to work with my Higher Self and Heart to help me move forward to reach my goals.

    JoAnne from Montecito, CA

  • "5 Years of Talk Therapy Versus 2 Hours of Hypnotherapy" +

    I came to Peter looking for help with severe anxiety. After over five years in traditional Talk Therapy which gave me only slight relief, I had come to believe that the source of my anxiety was much deeper within me.

    Not only was the anxiety getting in the way of my everyday life, but it was also causing unbearably painful headaches at least five days a week.

    I was a bit nervous before the session, but Peter made me feel at ease and safe. He answered all of my questions and did a fantastic job of leading me through a Hypnosis session in which I was able to access an incredible amount of wisdom and guidance.

    In the days that followed my session, I noticed shifts in my attitude and my mood. Overall, I was feeling much calmer and less overwhelmed with anxiety. In addition, I was absolutely amazed to find that over the next week, I had no headaches.

    I am still so incredibly impressed at how much Peter and Hypnotherapy have changed my life for the better in only a single two-hour session. I still have not experienced a single headache since my session, and the lack of physical symptoms has allowed me to make incredible progress in my ability to manage anxiety in a positive way. I highly recommend Peter's practice to anyone who has a desire to heal and move forward.

    Kayla from Ventura, CA

  • "Resolving Key Emotional Issues Affecting Me from My Past Lives" +

    I came to Peter for help in healing my feelings of self-sabotage, rejection, separation anxiety, victimization and other issues that have affected me and the women in my lineage. Plus I wanted to establish a deeper connection to my Higher Self and my Inner Wisdom Team.

    Right up front we connected with my Higher Self who led us into two core past lives. The first occurred when I died in my mother’s womb in a past life. The other happened several hundred years ago as a Native American.

    Coming to closure with these two lifetimes helped me not only resolve my current feelings of rejection as a female but also release generational issues that have affected my lineage and my family today.

    As a result, my feelings of self-sabotage, rejection, separation anxiety and victimization have lessened — since at last I know and understand their root causes.

    Thanks to Peter's skills as a hypnotherapist, I can now stand in my own truth and begin to move forward again. And he introduced me to my own Inner Wisdom Team that is always there to support me and help me make choices in the future.

    Lisa from the California Central Coast

  • "I’ve Regained My Power" +

    Peter is a gentle, dedicated and knowledgeable Hypnotherapist who facilitated and accompanied me on an amazing journey into the 5th Dimension and beyond. Together we powerfully cleared away so many blockages that were preventing me from moving forward in my life.

    As a result of just one Hypnotherapy session by phone, I have stepped back into my power — no longer encumbered. I can at last confidently and productively work with my team of Ascended Masters and Guides to fulfill my Soul’s Mission.

    I discovered that I have way more power, capabilities and skills than I had been aware of. I’ve started expressing my feelings/needs/wants/requests in more balanced and mature ways. Life is much easier and present and I know what direction my path is going. It’s the one under my feet and I can count on that path now.

    With my Wisdom Team’s help, I find myself easily resolving difficult personal issues that I had earlier wanted to avoid.

    Every day is a new adventure... the lessons... the learnings... the insights... the recalibrations... the communications.

    By reinstating my True Self to lead my life, I am taking steps to pursue my purpose consciously, intentionally and powerfully as a Light Worker. I know that I’m being supported on my Soul’s Mission by all the Guidance that I am now available to and is now available to me. Thank you, Peter.

    M.R. from Santa Barbara

  • "That Negative Voice & My Anxiety Are Gone" +

    I came to see you because I wanted to release the negative voice inside that has been holding me back from feeling confident.

    I also wanted to find out why I have felt so fearful and anxious. Was it due to something that happened to me in a past life? My life has changed since our session last week. I am back to being myself. That negative voice no longer plagues me. I don't feel the anxiety that used to paralyze me. I feel so much more at peace and in control of myself. In short, I am thrilled and happy about the work that we did together.

    Robert from Santa Barbara

  • "My Past Life Regression Resolved So Many Issues" +

    I believe I made more progress in one Hypnotherapy session via Zoom with Peter than I could have made in months and months of Talk Therapy.

    I scheduled a session with Peter because I wanted to work on persistent digestive problems and a severe rash on one foot that was spreading. Also I was seeking to resolve some longstanding emotional issues with my Mom.

    Because I live in Ireland, we met on Zoom for our two-hour session. It was a powerful and thorough healing experience.

    After connecting me to my Heart and Higher Self, Peter identified and removed five negative energies that were in my energy field: four in my stomach and one in my foot. All five were creating havoc with my digestion and my left foot.

    To resolve the issues with my Mom, Peter and my Higher Self guided me into the past life that was the source of the difficulties with my Mom.

    I saw myself as a hardworking servant in the 1800s whose baby daughter was suddenly kidnapped at a local fair. I blamed myself for her disappearance and died wracked with guilt because I never saw my child again.

    We then discovered that my Mom in this life was that little girl. Her treatment of me in our current life was due to the anger she unconsciously felt from being kidnapped in that past life.

    Peter helped resolve the issue by inviting all four of us to forgive one another — which we did with a great deal of heart-felt emotion.

    In the days that followed, I felt substantially different: lighter, happier — and no stomach pains. The rash on my foot is now almost fully healed ... something that had resisted several creams before my session with Peter.

    And I recently visited my Mom and was delighted to discover that the emotional charge between us has shifted. My guilt is gone — I no longer feel responsible for her feelings. My sense of peace and calm are beyond words.

    During our one-hour Follow-up Session on Zoom about a week later, Peter shared his notes that underscored the wisdom coming from my Higher Self, my Heart and all the other Guidance that joined us from the Spirit Realm during that session.

    This was valuable because it helped me process and integrate all that had occurred so that I felt complete. Peter also emailed me several helpful printed resources that further cemented the changes. Peter was born to do this work. He is an amazing soul.

    Agnes in Cork, Ireland

  • "My Higher Self Helped Me Heal My Heart & Find My Purpose" +

    Thank you, Peter, for your insight and help. Because of your expertise, I now know the voice of my Higher Self.

    Since our session, She communicates with me daily and I listen to her instructions as She guides and corrects my thoughts and shares ideas that I can trust.

    I was very grateful that you also helped heal my broken heart and enabled me to discover my Higher Purpose in this lifetime.

    What an amazing therapeutic experience! My feet are no longer at the front of the door waiting for it to open. They have finally opened the door which I will call Door #1 because I know that there are many more doors for me to open with the assistance of my Higher Self. I look forward to my progression with great anticipation.

    Sheila from Menifee, CA

  • "Letting Go of the Darkness Within Me" +

    I had been making significant progress in my Spiritual Journey, but I turned to Peter because I felt a darkness deep inside that wanted to come out.

    Plus I was eager to connect with my Inner Wisdom and Guides as well as to let go of my fear and anxiety. Also I wanted to figure out why I couldn’t remember faces and names and determine why I drank too much alcohol when meeting others.

    That darkness in me is now gone. And in the days that followed, I’ve experienced an increasing joy and ease in my life.

    For the first time — and this was a miracle — I started remembering the names and faces of people I’d met. And my appetite for drinking booze vanished. Quite surprising as well.

    And thanks to our session, I’m really enjoying connecting again and again with my Higher Self and Heart. I know that they are with me now to guide me forward.

    Joe from Syracuse, NY

  • "Released the Blocks That Kept Me Stuck" +

    My goal in working with Peter was to remove blocks that have been holding me back from my Higher Self and true success in my career. I was also seeking to help heal stomach and knee problems and let go of stress.

    During our one session, Peter released what was keeping me from stepping into my full power. My digestive and knee issues are much improved. We also healed those parts of me that were causing me to doubt myself. I now feel strong, whole and much more in charge of me. I'm no longer scared. In fact, I am ready to experience whatever is coming my way.

    Edward from Los Angeles

  • "Meeting My Higher Self & Two Spirit Guides" +

    As I think back on our recent session, it was so powerful to connect with my own Guidance.

    At last, I know what my Higher Self looks like and sounds like and feels like and I have a Sanctuary where I can go at any time and meet with her. I also met two of my personal Spirit Guides, Evan and Jonathan, so I’ll also be turning to all of them with specific questions during my meditations. I feel a crystal clear connection with them — there's no kidding around because I know deep within myself that they are here to support me. My session with you, Peter, was absolutely transformative.

    Shari from Oak Park, CA

  • "Letting Go of Sadness, Guilt, Betrayal & Resentment" +

    After discovering Peter’s website and reading about his credentials as well as his clients’ testimonials, I decided to use his services to assist me with clearing some emotional blocks.

    Since our session, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I am not being triggered as much by my thoughts and emotions. I was able to release feelings of sadness, guilt, betrayal and deep-seated resentment towards members of my family. I feel a great deal stronger and confident in my personhood and a bit more grounded.

    EG from Southern California

  • "My Limiting Beliefs About Money, Motherhood & Putting Myself Last Are Gone" +

    I turned to Peter to help me change my limiting beliefs about money, motherhood, and needing to take care of everybody else first.

    During our two-hour session, we uncovered the reasons for each of these beliefs and replaced my outmoded recordings within to help me create more abundance in my life, to love myself first, and to be open to becoming a mother. Plus I now feel closely connected to my Higher Self and Spirit Guides that are always around me. What an amazing and beneficial session!

    Naomi from Santa Barbara

  • "Exploring a Past Life Empowered Me to Move Forward" +

    The past-life story that came forth really resonated with me and explained a lot about why I have felt so responsible for everyone around me.

    It made me for the first time see this in a different light. In doing so I realize I now have more choices available to me. This is very liberating. Also, I was pleased to truly connect with my Higher Self — and I look forward to strengthening that connection so I can tune in and engage her more in my day-to-day decisions.

    Marta from Homewood, CA

  • "My Black Cloud of Depression Has Lifted" +

    As a child I was physically and emotionally abused which contributed to my feelings of anxiety, fear and depression for more than 30 years. I’ve done a lot of talk therapy which has helped me over the years.

    But one two-hour session with Peter made a huge shift in me. He removed the black cloud from my mind that has kept me imprisoned for far too long. Peter helped me let go of the past and heal my heart. And he connected me to my Higher Self that was blocked so I can now tune into that Inner Guidance to help me move forward in my life.

    I have more work to do, but already I feel so much happier and hopeful about my future — and my friends have noticed the changes in me too.

    Carolyn from Fountain Valley, CA

  • "We Replaced My Guilt & Dissatisfaction with Self-Confidence, Forgiveness & Serenity" +

    Having had a number of fairly unsuccessful visits with talk therapists over many years, I found Peter’s passion and perspective unique enough to schedule a session with him.

    It’s now been three weeks since we got together and I’m happy to report the changes are real and long-lasting. I’ve moved from a space of undefined dissatisfaction, guilt and irritation to one of peace, self-confidence, forgiveness and serenity.

    The imagery he used remains with me as a part of my daily meditation practice and continues to help me prepare for my days with a renewed sense of optimism and confidence.

    Peter’s wisdom, insights and razor-sharp focus allowed me to resolve many long-buried issues during a session that felt completely safe and supportive. I highly recommend Peter’s approach to anyone in need of an emotional or spiritual adjustment.

    RZ from Santa Barbara

  • "Releasing 3 Negative Spirits & Deep Trauma From a Past Life" +

    I sought a phone session with Peter to get to the bottom of my overwhelming anxiety and depression. I have many deep-seated childhood traumas to work through.

    The session itself flowed very smoothly, and I felt tremendous comfort and support from my Angels and Guides. Peter’s guidance was incredible during the process. We explored the most appropriate past life that could help me resolve my issues.

    To my great surprise, he also helped me discover that I had THREE spirits who were attached to me and giving me great sadness and anxiety. One of the spirits was a very dark energy that had been with me since I was very small.

    It’s hard to describe the sense of absolute freedom and relief I have had since the session. It was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders — one that I’ve been carrying my entire life, and didn’t even know it!

    I would not hesitate to HIGHLY recommend Peter for his services. He is a wonderful, gifted individual, and I will be eternally grateful for his healing gifts. Thank you, Peter, with all my heart!

    Natalie from Colorado

  • "Quick Recovery From a Contentious Divorce" +

    I’ve been going through a nasty drawn-out divorce. My session with Peter opened my eyes. He asked me the right questions that guided me in the right direction. As a result, I’m starting to stand up for myself and speak my own truth because I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt what is best for me and for those around me. And thanks to our work together, despite the drama of the divorce, I feel an overall peace deep down inside that all will be well.

    Anna from Santa Maria, CA

  • "We Healed My Broken Heart & Shattered Soul in One Session" +

    For three years after the sudden and unexpected death of my beautiful husband David, my wonderful parents and favorite aunt all within eight months of each other, I changed dramatically.

    I was dealing with emotions that were so foreign to me such as intense anger, rage, profound sadness and immobilizing grief and loss that I thought I had become a completely different person. I did not like that version of myself.

    I am a Psychologist who has practiced for 25 years and I knew I had to seek treatment so I sought out a fellow psychologist almost immediately and have had ongoing treatment for the past three years. But I instinctively realized that something was missing and traditional therapy, while it has its place, was not working the way I wanted it to. My broken heart and shattered soul were not healing and I wondered if I would be broken forever. I did not think I could ever be healed.

    I discovered Peter speaking on the "Seek Reality" Podcast with Roberta Grimes and what he said really resonated with me. He made sense and my Higher Self told me I had to meet with him. Peter was warm and caring during my free Consultation via Skype and I knew that I had to follow that path.

    I know I am now a better version of who I was before and at last I’ve found with Peter’s expertise the peace and calm I needed to move forward with my life. I will return to work next month with some added tools in my therapy box.

    The experience I had during my Hypnotherapy and Follow-up Session with Peter via Skype was truly profound and life-changing.

    Thank you to all my angels and guides for directing me down that path and thank you to Peter who truly has a gift to heal that comes from the Highest Source.

    Lynne BJ from Geelong, Australia