Release Negative Voices

Sometimes your physical, mental or emotional issues are not caused by your current life or past lives.

Rather, they can be triggered by two kinds of Intruder energies:

  1. Earthbound Spirits or Ghosts
    When some humans die, they do not go completely into the Light. Instead, they can become Ghosts hiding in the lower Astral Realm looking for a place to go.

    If your aura is weak, they can easily enter into your energy field and can cause all sorts of mental, emotional and physical problems for you.
  2. Negative Entities
    This type of Intruder has never had its own human body. Coming from the Astral Realm they are often here to stop us from moving forward.

These spirit attachments may be karmic, accidental or random.

About 60% of my clients have one or more of these Intruders affecting them.

When Intruders enter your energy field, they often bring their own physical, mental and emotional disorders that can negatively affect you.

Or they can cause or worsen the mental, emotional and physical problems you’re currently facing.

You can experience these Intruders as self-critical voices, fears, anxiety, sadness, depression, relationship difficulties, feelings of anger and abandonment, unexplainable pains and aches, suicidal thoughts, phobias, compulsions and many other symptoms.

Frequently, you are not aware of their presence until they’ve been released into the Light.

Treatment of Intruder Attachments

I’ve had a great deal of experience over the past 25 years clearing these Intruders from my clients during Hypnotherapy sessions.

I can also help you protect yourself from future Intruders.