Relationships, Forgiveness & Grief

As I mentioned earlier — everyone is available to us in the trance state. We can easily invite them to join us through your Imagination whether they’re currently alive or they have passed on.

This approach allows you to engage with them in a safe environment. Through Hypnosis you can speak your truth to key people in your life as you ask them questions and get answers about any unfinished business between you and them.

Forgiving Others

Are you frustrated or angry with key relationships in your life? These old emotions are draining your energy – preventing you from creating a more satisfying life.

By working with me in the trance state, you can rapidly work through these dysfunctional relationships and move on with your life.

Forgiving Yourself

The trance state can also help you release any guilt feelings. All of the benefits you get from forgiving others are multiplied manyfold when you can honestly and completely forgive yourself.

Letting Go of Grief

My approach can also be effective in dealing with loss, abandonment and betrayal. 

Perhaps you:

  • Lost someone dear to you through death or inevitable separation,
  • Feel abandoned or betrayed by the one you loved, or
  • Feel guilt-ridden due to your own reckless actions or you took their love for granted.

Allow me to take you through a powerful hypnotic process to help you reconnect, talk with and come to closure with those who have passed on or who are no longer in your life today.

Your Inner Wisdom Team and other Guidance are eager to help you heal your broken heart so at last you can let go of the grief and feel at peace whenever you think of that person.